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add Your site

Interested in beeing listed? Great! Let's go for it. It's FREE!

Below You see a form which is devided into 4 easy steps. Fill out step 1 to 4 while reading the explanations to the right for Your assistance. Press on "submit website" when finished.

Evaluation of Your website shouldn't take longer than 24 hours. You'll be notified by email.

Disclaimer: Bella's List is intended for websites of professional and non-professional dominant persons, who have a genuine interest in the BDSM lifestyle and are open to be contacted by visitors of Bella's List. Non-personal websites , websites of organisations, escorts, sex sites, sites with vanilla adult content and paysites with no or a minimal free area can currently NOT be listed.

BDSM related resource sites like other FemDom listings, Topsites and educational sites may be listed here.

Fields in italic letters MUST be filled out.

 My personal data

My name as a dominant:

My birthday:

My personal email:


state / province:



My name as a dominant:
examples: Mistress Blue, Lady Red

My birthday:
If I specify My birthday, it will be
announce 14 days in advance.
(a great link-click-booster)

My personal email:
(this email will not be published)

The location defines where I will be listed
and includes My country, state/province and city.

country: USA
state / province: New York
city: Albany

 My websites data

My website title:

My website URL link:

My image URL link:

My audio file URL link:

My video file URL link:

My site's description:


My website title:
This can be any slogan or caption I like.
example: Lady Red's Lair of Torture

My website URL link:
How can My website be reached?

My image, audio, video URL link:
Do I have an image, audio or video which I want to post with My listing? If yes, the URLs pointing to these files need to be specified. To find out the URL of an image on My website I right-click on it and select 'properties' from the upcoming menu. A window will pop up showing Me the URL to My image.


My site's description:
Here I briefly report about My sites content, its intention and whatever else I think needs to be said about Me and My online presentation.

 Login data and statistics

My handle:

password (2 times):

FREE statistics by email ?
once a month 
no statistic 


As soon as My listing is confirmed, I can come back any time, login with the confidential data I specify here, and change My entry to My liking. Changes will be online on-the-spot.

My handle:
example: missblue

My password:
example: MiSSbLuE141516
(the password shall be typed in twice)

FREE statistics by email ?
Here I specify if I am interested in receiving statistics about clicks on My site.

 submit website


Finally I press this button to submit My data for evaluation.

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