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Other Interviews

Interview-Series 2

My Blind Interview Series is intended to give insight into the thoughts and experiences of two completely different Dommes... Neither of the Dominas have seen the others responses... Nor is it intended for comparison of these Wonderful Women...
Their individuality speaks for itself...

- of New York

  "...Turn him on; Seduce him; Own him. The goal is to unearth the seed of his passion..."

DIVADIAMOND a.k.a. Pavlova
- of California

  "...Sex starts in the brain. Mind & power trip games are My favorite...."

1. What are Your thoughts on Female Supremacy?


  Women are infinitely superior as is substantiated through Our divinity to sustain and bring forth life.

  Pertinent to the scene, a real Woman nurtures when She disciplines and is loving in Her correction and cunning in Her caress. We can beguile, beleaguer, and bewitch. But of course, We can shine little if there is nothing that exists to pale in comparison.

  That would be men.


  If religion has made us to believe that our sex is designed for only one purpose and everything else is evil (that powerful, sexual Women are the downfall of men) what do I think? I do not buy into that story to suffer, live in fear, & be guilt ridden until I die.

  What rules? Pussie!!! All the men are just waiting for Her to unfold.

  So...after twelve years of trial & error My boyfriend, later husband, has officially become the househusband as of January, 2001. He just turned over his pay check so I can strut around in front of other male slaves in My crotch-high leather boots (that will be posted on My website this year).

  A world where Women are Supreme could possibly stop war. What Female likes to send Her child to war? This Female doesn't.

2. Would You say You are more physical, psychological, or theatrical during a session?


  An excellent question! I tend to incorporate all 3 depending on the creature in attendance; The level of intelligence, prior experiences but most importantly, the sexual propensities in correlation with the will to obey.


  Psychological & theatrical-I am a major dramaqueen. I love being different people in rolepay & fantasy. It is such a trip to be so arrogant if needed. Some games are such a challenge, which I like.

  I really like to liberate or push people over their edge. The edge in their mind. Sometimes I will test with guided questions to see how far I can go without freaking them out. At the same time I have a hold on their pleasure points which really traps them. Great fun to deliver so much. If a soul can handle it, it can be a blast for Myself as well as the client.

  LETTING GO liberates the soul. At times a session can be pure & clinical. Which is good. The sub needs it pure and simple. Very refreshing! Sex starts in the brain. Mind & power trip games are My favorite.

  Experience something twisted with sexy strong DIVADIAMOND RocKHard in the Outer World.

3. Describe some ways that You help a sub expand his limits.


  Turn him on; Seduce him; Own him. The goal is to unearth the seed of his passion; To reach deep within and take it as an offering; Then transform the core of his very being by means of addiction and fix it with a continuous dose of.... Me.


  Show him how to use his breathing which will expand the energy of his body to greater heights. Dig into the sexual cracks of his mind and help him to let go. It is so liberating to give up the control and let go.

4. What do You prefer, chilled champagne and caviar or a T-bone and a cold beer?


  A hackneyed way to categorize a Woman; but I take no offense. Since I have no preference I'll provide an answer in keeping with the question - When in Rome.... you know how the saying goes or in other words, whatever is germane to the occasion.


  Chilled champagne and caviar!

5. Is laughter part of a typical session?


  Indeed; Especially in an instance of degradation. But, I do have a sense of humor and I am prone to giggle on occasion.


  Whenever I find a moment to give it to them.

6. Hypothetically speaking... You are about to begin a session... You instruct Your slave to strip... As he does, You notice a handgun sticking out of his pocket... What would You do?


  First, look for a badge to go with it. Then, ask if it's loaded. Next, point it at his heart, his head and then his balls and proceed with a series of insinuating questions and follow through with an interrogation or maybe a rape scene.


  Walk straight to My door, leave it open and wait outside.

7. Is there someone in Your life that You regard as Superior?


  Unfortunately, None.


  Not really.

  Who do I admire for Her flair? Fetish Diva Midori and Eisanna Eiger's attitude about Women.

8. What is Your favorite scenario?


  I see a real change in Myself when playing with female subs. My natural aggression emerges right along with an overflow of sexual tension. I am hard pressed to exude the same emotional intensity with a male. I am a sensual Dominant overall but women bring out the beast in Me.


  I have many, BUT, how I take advantage of men and make them slaves to My beauty.

  A session that was outstanding: This one fetish slave loves very overpowering Females in fetish nurse attire. He had a big fetish for oversized breasts. Size 36 GGG. To this day I wish I had a camera at the time of Me dressed up as "Nurse Powerful" with My big dick.

  I wore a bra in the size above stuffed with foam, a tight old-fashioned 1950's corset girdle, white stockings & garters, and ankle- strapped platforms. Around My hips was a strap-on that was 12-15" long and 4" in diameter. Can you picture all of this. I was the wondrous, "Penis Woman".

  He was a little dick man that was not good enough for Me. I invited My girlfriend over to inspect his tiny little thing and We laughed at him. I really did not care about him at all. I was so caught up in the big-boobed porno, nurse queen that I threw him in My puppy cage.

  My girlfriends and I had some lunch, I called over one of My big studs to have sex with My girlfriend right in front of tiny, we laughed some more, and made tiny suck My big penis right in front of everyone. I told tiny I would trash his clothes out the back window and make him hide in the bushes until night time, and he would have to get home on his own.

  I also did other naughty things to him but those will be posted on My adult site within the year. A Girl does not tell everything that She loves to do to Her slaves.... for nothing. What a trip. To be "Nurse Penis". I loved dressing up and did not care what tiny thought.

9. Would it be pleasurable for You to be surrounded by servants 24/7?


  Most definitely; But only if I lived in a castle. I need My space.


  YESYESYES! I say yes.

  My own personal driver. I hate to drive long distances. A personal cook: vegetarian, that I get along with. You know that when someone cooks the food their energy goes into it. Maid to clean and organize My clothing. House cleaning & garden servants.

  So what do I do? Throw wild parties and devote My time to making movies of submissive males & females in adult films. Oh, I forgot computer and photo servants that maintain My websites.

10. Do You have an example of a personal “session from hell”?


  I avoid the possibility by thoroughly communicating prior to a session.


  My girlfriend, a high-class call girl, referred one of her clients to Me for Domination. This client had sex with her but was also into bdsm. When he made the appointment and we were into the session, I could tell he wanted to go deeper into the sensation play. So I did. It was very exciting. He liked it and so did I. After we finished, he was upset because he had a girlfriend that would see evidence of what we did in our play. He was not clear about not leaving marks. I worried about this for days. I am very careful about safety and being discreet.

  His powerplay: His Mistress is firm and in control. He has been a bad boy and needs punishment. I tie his hands behind his back while naked in the middle of the room facing sideways to the big mirror. His penis is restrained around the balls and penis shaft. His penis is rock hard, sticking way out to be punished. I tell him to thrust his hips forward so I have a clear pathway and he must hold that position when commanded. CBT punishment is administered from light to severe crop whacking. Marks are left on his penis like a tattoo or branding as a reminder that he has paid up.

  Maybe he wanted to get in trouble with his girlfriend. So...... he had to hide his penis from her for awhile. Later on he returned and did not have a girlfriend. So I really gave it to him for making his Mistress worry and frit. This experience was much better since there was nothing to hide. I make sure I ask if there is a wife or girlfriend in the slaves life. I do not need an irate female giving Me trouble!!!

Closing Comments

  I appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy the interview.

  Thank you for the opportunity.


  On My satellite dish I witnessed the movie "Personal Services" an English film. The main Female actress fell into prostitution and became a madam. Some of her girls Dominated different clients: sensory deprivation, all in rubber, slaves out in the backyard as gardeners that PAID her so they could serve, pantyboy and crossdressers, slaves chained to the walk in heels and spanked.

  It was quite delightful to watch. I thought to Myself, "I could do that in a film." and then realized I was watching My life as a Dominatrix. It was very supportive of what I do.

  Like I say, "My life is great sporting indeed!" I give them what they need and I make many people happy. MOST of all I like to have fun and demand that My clients have a good attitude when they enter My Outer World. It is good for Me and good for them. So we are kinked out, so what, it makes life interesting and it is definitely not boring!!!

  Thank you for this opportunity to express.


"I was wondering if either Domina has political aspirations?
They certainly have My vote !!"


Care to make a comment on this Interview?

slave amrut

Comment on both Mistresses
i will worship both ravishing mistresses,i willserve them if mistress bella allows

Comment on both Mistresses
...and i was wondering if Bella has political aspirations? ;))
The Mistress Moth...

[email]  [URL]
Comment on both Mistresses
What wonderful interviews! A great concept in general - I would love to participate, please do let Me know if the opportunity exists. Thank You, Bella!
Elizabeth Ashton

[email]  [URL]
Comment on both Mistresses
Each Lady has her own view and style which I think you have illustrated wonderfully here. We are all individuals and if you ever wish to interview with me I will be happy to accomodate.

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