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Other Interviews

Interview-Series 3

My Blind Interview Series is intended to give insight into the thoughts and experiences of two completely different Dommes... Neither of the Dominas have seen the others responses... Nor is it intended for comparison of these Wonderful Women...
Their individuality speaks for itself...

Goddess Ophelia
- of the UK

  "...a willingness to experiment is key as there are so many diverse avenues that can be explored..."

Lady Riva
- of Germany

  "...a little bit of disobedience can be rather nice sometimes... There is no fun in crushing a *worm* who is already stuck to My heel..."

1. Being the anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11/2001...
What are Your thoughts?

Goddess Ophelia:

  We really do stand between the darkness and the light. In all countries of the Western World we have become accustomed to levels of freedom in speech, movement and generally expression that are now under attack.

  I am heartened that a world consensus does appear to be forming that will form an absolute and irrevocable call to arms to halt the terrorists.

Lady Riva:

  I was deeply saddened and shocked (along with the rest of the world) by the atrocities of Sept 11th, as we approach the first anniversary I reflect on the vulnerability and fragility of humanity, whilst revering its resilience and determination to bounce-back no matter what!

  Fundamentalism of almost any sort, often denies many of the freedom that we all take for granted, especially the freedom to express individual sexuality including BDSM and fetishism.

  I believe we must be more vigilant whilst avoiding complacently in order to insure a safer environment for civilized humanity to flourish.

2. To what degree of importance is music to Your scenes?

Goddess Ophelia:

  Music has a central role for Me as it allows one to capture so many diverse moods.

  I adore classical music as there is something sublime and perfect in the soaring rise of Elgar, Sibelius or so many others that perfectly captures the mood of intensity and power that is implicit in BDSM.

Lady Riva:

  Music is not the most important thing in a scene for Me, but the right music can always enhance one!

  Playing Vivaldi will usually make Me feel wicked and playful, and dungeon music usually sets the scene for a most serious and lengthy session.

3. Do You feel more Dominant in a rubber cat suit or an evening gown?

Goddess Ophelia:

  I used to be a cat walk model and appeared in a number of fashion shows in Paris and Milan. I wore a number of flowing and very elegant gowns and always found men flocked to Me.

  It was actually at this stage, I was about 17, that I made the connection that the harsher I treated some of these would be suitors, the more they seemed to respond.

  Essentially, I can be Dominant in any clothing but I do have a passion for latex and so, yes, replete in cat suit and platform thigh boots I feel ready to explore the passions of S & M.

Lady Riva:

  Dominance is not a question of clothing!

  Have you ever noticed that subgirls look different in a rubber catsuit ...?

  On the other hand, getting into My rubber always puts Me in the right mood...!

4. I am sure You have favorite clients and playmates...
What qualities make them stand out from the others?

Goddess Ophelia:

  If I am able to choose the ideal qualities for a slave then the list begins with honesty both about their needs and where they wish the Mistress slave relationship to head.

  I would also suggest that a willingness to experiment is key as there are so many diverse avenues that can be explored. Then I add intelligence as I adore receiving verse, poems and inspired gifts from My slaves.

Lady Riva:

  1. Trust and Confidence.

  2. Readiness to sacrifice themselves to Me.

  3. Willingness to let Me constantly challenge them and stretch their limits and boundaries.

5. Do You sense conflict between Your private life and Your profession?

Goddess Ophelia:

  I see no conflict as this is natural to Me. I am forcing nothing and playing no roles. The guise of Dominatrix is so evocative and natural to Me that the issues of divergence between a private and professional life never occurs.

Lady Riva:


6. Is there a desire for You to control out of the play space?

Goddess Ophelia:


  I am not a lady that takes kindly to being told what to do or when to do it. I take great pride in being able to direct My affairs.

Lady Riva:

  I am a control freak!

  I love to control!

7. Under what circumstances would You consider retirement?

Goddess Ophelia:

  Retire? Oh no!

  I could never loose the sheer energy and exhilaration that is generated in an intense and unhurried session.

Lady Riva:

  If I was ill or more importantly if being a Mistress became merely a job, then I would consider retiring.

8. How much pampering do You require?

Goddess Ophelia:

  No more or less that a true lifestyle Goddess deserves!

Lady Riva:

  I am a vain and selfish Mistress and even occasionally a spoiled Brat! I expect to be treated like a (Dominant) Woman should be treated!!

9. What are Your views on extreme disobedience?

Goddess Ophelia:

  It never happens.

  I have a number of temperamental slaves who try to top from the bottom but I find a period of exile generally brings them to their senses.

Lady Riva:

  In clients... Unpunctuality!

  On the whole, a little bit of disobedience can be rather nice sometimes... I love the adventure of breaking wills and forcing someone to do as I wish.

  There is no fun in crushing a *worm* who is already stuck to My heel...

10. Do You have an example of a personal “session from hell”?

Goddess Ophelia:

  Thankfully I have had few real sessions from hell but when they do occur they are classics.

  I have one slave who is on the large side at about 20 stone and in his late fifties. I recently added a new cross to My chambers and he just begged to be strung up and tormented.

  I duly obliged starting with CBT and accessing his erogenous zones in a hail of pleasure and pain. Suddenly, he turned a velvet red colour and ejaculated and then fainted.

  I tried My best to support his weight and thankfully My personal slave was in attendance so we managed to get him down. After about a minute he came round and made a very full recovery.

Lady Riva:

  Not really.

  The only thing I really dislike is getting absolutely no feedback during a session.

Closing Comments

Goddess Ophelia:

  'Comes The Goddess Smiling Darkly'.

  -Goddess Ophelia

Lady Riva:

  Thank you for your interest in Me and My work ...

  I have done My best to answer your challenging questions...

  Best wishes and liebe Grüsse,

  -Lady Riva

"Intelligence... Sophistication... Magnificence...
The insistence of appropriate behavior when in the presence of these Women is unquestionable…"


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Comment on Lady Riva

Comment on Lady Riva
i adore her demand to challenge her slave to reach new peaks on a consistent basis

Comment on Goddess Ophelia
This is good site.Adam from Poland
conrad lumen

Comment on Goddess Ophelia
An interesting interview. I have been fascinated by Goddess Ophelia for some time and plan to visit in 2006 and serve her to learn first hand.

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