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Other Interviews

Interview-Series 1

My Blind Interview Series is intended to give insight into the thoughts and experiences of two completely different Dommes... Neither of the Dominas have seen the others responses... Nor is it intended for comparison of these Wonderful Women...
Their individuality speaks for itself...

Mistress Rose
- of New York

  "...it isn't about the tribute, that is secondary, it's about giving fully of Herself as a Mistress and in return You receive back 10 fold..."

Mistress Stephanie
- of Minnesota

  "...submissives seem to view alot of Us like a smorgasboard... unless someone really gives You his will, he will be seeing the next/first pretty face that advertises..."

1. What brings life to Your Dominance?

Mistress Rose:
  I would say the look in the submissives eyes ..The desire they have to please and to give their gift, which it truly is ..And then the satisfied feelings You as the Dominate receive knowing You have taken this gift and brought it to life for them ..

Mistress Stephanie:
  Seeing slaves that are truly happy with ME as their Dominant and the things I do with them as well as the way I make them feel.

2. Some say “You can never truly be a Top if You have never been a bottom”. What are Your thoughts?

Mistress Rose:
  I would never go as far as to say You can't truly be a Top if You've never been a Bottom ..But I feel the Best Tops, or should I say some of the Best Tops, were at one time a bottom ..as I was ..I feel this has given Me Total insight as to what it means to have been there or to be there as they are not saying I know all ..because No one does

  ..But I know from experience what a gift it is I am giving ..Again because I too have given and still give of this gift ..I also still need to be fed on occasion to remind Myself how it feels to be there on the bottom, as they are ..I truthfully believe it has made Me personally a Better Mistress ..You can be a Mistress without being a Top, but I believe a Top should also be willing to be a bottom ..Because experience, as they say, is the Best Teacher ..

Mistress Stephanie:
  I feel this is an incorrect response. There are natural Dommes just as there are natural born killers or leaders. I do believe that a Domme should experiment Herself to see what Her slaves are feeling or just how far someone's pain threshold can be taken. You should be able to feel what the slave is feeling. I personally however was and always will be a Natural Domme. =)

3. Do You like to work and/or play with other Dominants?

Mistress Rose:
  Yes I enjoy working and playing with other Dominants ..And do on occasion ..Though I love the one on one much better ..

Mistress Stephanie:
  I do love to work and play with other Dominants of the highest quality and integrity.

4. What percentage of Your sessions do You truly enjoy?

Mistress Rose:
  I would say I enjoy at least 90% of My sessions ..It is a rare thing that I don't enjoy one ..because when I know they are I am also ..And their pleasure truly comes out through Me and I have found the more You give of Yourself as the Mistress the more they give of themselves ..

Mistress Stephanie:
  I enjoy about 95% of My sessions. My first response would have been 100% because usually I'm always in control and being pleased, however, there are a few people that You always have trouble with and I don't like being stressed.

5. What differentiates a client You enjoy seeing from one You simply are willing to see?

Mistress Rose:
  WOW!! Some tough questions .. :) ..You can enjoy seeing a client and also enjoy the session but somehow a bond has not formed ..

  Someone You are just willing to see, on the other hand, a bond has been formed in some way ..Maybe through their eagerness in giving to You their very best ..Their total devotion to You at all cost and no matter what You do, they are willing to accept it and try that much harder to please You ..

Mistress Stephanie:
  The differentiation would be that the ones I enjoy seeing are young, handsome, intelligent, and have everything going for them. It's fun to put them in their place but they are also the most mentally fun challenges.

  The ones I'm willing to see would be the people calling Me at the last minute, thinking that because they have money I'll jump thru a hoop like a little puppy waiting for a treat to see them.

  I have the fact that too many Dommes let money rule them and the slave literally becomes in control just because he or she has cash. Those "Mistresses" need to rethink who really is in control and if they are in such control the slaves should come at THEIR convenience and not vise versa.

6. In Your initial interview with a sub/slave, what subtle indicators tell You it is OK to proceed?

Mistress Rose:
  Their willingness to answer whatever I ask truthfully ..Because that way, I know they are also willing to learn to trust Me ..Without trust there can be no relationship or fully giving of oneself ..So first there must be honesty ..

Mistress Stephanie:
  If he shows any sign of aggression or lack of knowledge about his place with ME while in My presence I tend to tell them to take their cash and shove it.

7. Do You have "No limits" sessions?

Mistress Rose:
  No I never have a session with "No Limits" I feel we all have limits which must be respected at all times ..But that doesn't mean those limits aren't or can't be pushed because I believe they should be ..That is how we grow by pushing and establishing new boundaries ..

Mistress Stephanie:
  I do have "No limit" sessions and really enjoy them as do most of the people in the scene that come to Me without limits. They always seem to love and praise My work. =)

8. How do You measure a subs/slaves limits?

Mistress Rose:
  I listen to what a submissive tells Me ..I then however will try and push by it maybe in a very subtle way, but yet respecting it at all times ..if I see I can get away with it I will push it a little further ..Again this is how we grow ..also body language tells so much ..You must learn how to read a subs body language ..This is very important

Mistress Stephanie:
  I usually measure a limit for someone by their past experiences and what area they are wanting to experiment with.

9. If someone very close to You decided to be a Pro Domme, what one thing would You like Her to know?

Mistress Rose:
  To Always remember a submissive gives to Her a VERY SPECIAL GIFT ..one that is to be respected at all times ..For without a submissive there would be No need for a Dominant ..That it isn't about the tribute, that is secondary, it's about giving fully of herself as a Mistress and in return You receive back 10 fold ..

Mistress Stephanie:
  The first thing would be for them to know that every Woman and Her dog that has found out what a whip is has become a Professional Dominatrix.

  The second thing is that it's not a steady income unless You're really well established or very good at what You do.

  The third thing would be that submissives seem to view alot of Us like a smorgasboard and They are going to get used to the fact that unless someone really gives You his will, he will be seeing the next/first pretty face that advertises unless You really have TOTAL control over him by being Professional, yet caring and secure with whom You are.

10. Do You have an example of a personal “session from hell”?

Mistress Rose:
  Yes I have a session I can recall very clearly which was a total Session from Hell ..and only goes to show how important Honesty and Trust come into play ..I had a new submissive come to see Me ..I always try My best to learn as much as possible about the sub by having them fill out the questionnaire on My web site first ..and then by sitting and chatting a bit before a session begins..

  Well on this first session we sat down, as I always try to do, and chatted a bit about what kind of things he enjoyed ..And he loved SPANKING so this was to be a Spanking Session ..We then discussed medical history and I had asked if there was any kind of medical problem I should be aware of ..He assured Me there wasn't so we started the session ..We were having a lot of fun and everything seemed to be going GREAT ..I had him over My lap and then over different other things ..Everything again was going great ..He was loving it all as I was ..He wanted it harder ..and from his body language I could tell he was truly enjoying the pain ..

  Then it happened ..I SMACKED him really good when all of a sudden I felt something wet all over Me ..I thought "oh My goodness" ..Well you can imagine what I thought (A Bowel Movement) ..God had I wished that was all it had been ..Instead it was Blood everywhere ..and it was puddling on the floor ..I did My very best to keep My cool and see what had happened ..He had huge hemorrhoids but had failed to mention this to Me ..During the Spanking a Huge one popped out just as I came down with the Paddle and when it did ..I hit it ..and it burst..

  Everything turned out OK, and he still sees Me to this day ..but this only goes to show You how very important being totally honest with your Mistress or whoever it is your playing with is ..This could have turned out to be so much more serious ..So to this day, I won't spank him during a session ..Not until this condition has been corrected ..So Please, Always be open and honest ..This sub learned his lesson but in a very hard way ..He also learned how important it is to be totally Honest ..I am happy to say, he has been serving Me now for 2 years.

Mistress Stephanie:
  Lord yes. Country boy shows up after wanting a session at 3PM, you could tell he was going to be lost in the city and indeed he had to stop and call at least 10 times lost *I give great directions and can email maps or talk you in from any location like an air traffic controller.* He ended up paying a cab to lead him here.

  He was still an hour and a half late. I made him take Me to the bank, I wanted to walk in, he even messed that up and was going to take Me thru the commercial lane even though I didn't have a commercial account. He then told ME "Not to say anything", and could not figure out how to work the bank machine to send cash to the teller.

  When we returned to My home, I had him let Me out in front of My condo and told him where to park. I came inside and he got lost and couldn't find Me again. *He only had to walk a few feet from where he parked his car* All I heard after that was an "'ole hell!" and then got a call from My front gates that he was lost and would I walk a half mile in heels to the front gate to meet him.
Need I say more?

Closing Comments

Mistress Rose:
  I thank you for the opportunity to take part in this ..It has been a Great Honor for Me to give My answers and I hope that perhaps someone can gain something from something I have said ..If only one thing has or does help another Mistress or sub ..then I have done well..
Thanks Again,
Mistress Rose

Mistress Stephanie:
  By the way, thank you for giving Me the opportunity to partake in your interview. I enjoyed it very much.
Mistress Stephanie

"Experience... Elegance... Integrity...
How could you not worship these exquisite Women?"


Care to make a comment on this Interview?

Victoria Frost

[email]  [URL]
Comment on both Mistresses
I wish I had had some of their advice when I first started as a professional Domina, but I appreciate it even now, thank you.

Comment on both Mistresses
i have never seen such a double interview before... cool... they surely answered honestly...

Comment on both Mistresses
very nice would love to be both your sub slave-
ATRIX Hardcore

[email]  [URL]
Comment on Mistress Stephanie
I loved the comment Stephanie made about subs thinking that because they have cash you'll jump through hoops for them. It's nice to hear that another Domme recognizes that this happens way too much and will tell a sub to shove that cash up his ass! Great going!

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