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Stories - a slaves Rendition

Privilege and Punishment
(submitted by: Mistress Katelyn [website])
(written by: Slave Jay)

Slave Jay describes the experience he had with Mistress Katelyn.

Mistress Katelyn answered the front door of Her north Dallas home with a twinkle in Her beautiful eyes. She smiled sweetly as we met -- I was wearing a polo shirt and jeans, while She was sheathed in a form-fitting pair of faded jeans and a small camouflage cutoff shirt that showed off more than it concealed. My mind struggled to wrap itself around Her beauty. She was stunning.

All the usual clichés flew through my mind -- beautiful, wonderful, heavenly, etc. But it was more, much more than I was prepared for by the pictures on Her website. Hers is a dangerous beauty, I realized, one that lures quickly and captures easily. It doesn't sneak up on you; it hits you right between the eyes. She knows this, of course. She calls Herself "Goddess", and She wears the term as well as Her jeans.

She led me upstairs to a bedroom/play room, tastefully decorated and quite comfortable. She perched on the bed prettily and explained that She has cut Her hair shorter than it is in Her pictures. I am a 30-year-old man with a Big Ten college education, but I could only dumbly gape and nod at Her.

She said I had permission to speak freely, and we went over some common-sense rules, guidelines and then on to my likes and dislikes. My likes include CBT (clothespins, wax, whipping, etc.), teasing and denial, bondage (especially handcuffs and legcuffs), corporal punishment, leash-and-collar games and gags. Those certain feelings of anguish, humiliation and helplessness are what I am usually after. I have never understood it in myself, but I've learned to accept it and embrace it.

Under questioning, I told Mistress Katelyn that I have an open mind to other activities such as feminization, which I have never tried. She nodded approvingly at each of my statements, but Her eyes especially seemed to twinkle when discussing teasing and denial. She promised to make me suffer, and I began to be afraid it was a promise She would keep.

I did not have long to wait. While She left the room to change, I was ordered to strip and find her picture in a DDI magazine on a sofa table in front of me. I was also told to make sure I was standing at attention (and I don't mean on my feet) BUT NOT A DROP was allowed to be released. I did all of this.

When She returned, She was still wearing the cutoff shirt that flaunted Her belly, and my heart leapt. There is just something about a woman's navel that I have always found thrilling. I read an article once about it, and some sex expert suggested that the female belly button was so erotic because it's right between the good stuff. Sounds about right to me.

I was quickly ordered to the floor, on my hands and knees. A chain was slipped around my neck, and a full-head gag was fitted snugly to my head. She strode into the hallway and led me along. I remember making an extra effort to follow quickly and make sure there was plenty of slack on the leash. I have always thought that when a leash is taut, that indicates resistance or slowness, but a leash with slack is a small but nice little touch that shows extra-special servitude.

I was led into the bathroom and ordered to sit on the closed toilet seat, and my hands were chained behind me. There was enough slack for me to touch myself, however, so I ducked my hands tightly behind my back and hoped She would approve of this. Mistress Katelyn explained that She had a small cold, and needed to take a bath. My heart fluttered again... and then plummeted when She showed off the blindfold I would be wearing. She relished this moment, and the first of many bolts of pain coursed through me.

The blindfold was slipped on, and She slipped into the bathtub. She described Her bath, flicking water at me and drinking in my moans and soft struggles. My suffering was starting to kick in, and She knew it. "And we're just starting", She reminded me.

Without thinking, I tried to peer underneath the blindfold. "Ah-ah," She cooed. "If you're not good, you won't get the surprise I have for you." I did not know whether to dread this or yearn for it. I found out soon enough, when She lifted the blindfold to let me watch Her towel off. Suddenly, I was being allowed to look at a goddess -- but that was all I could do, since my hands were wearing chains. I whimpered. She purred. "This must be terrible for you," She said, and I offered a moan in reply.

It got worse -- She modeled Her Victoria's Secret bras in front of me, reveling in my helplessness and asking rhetorical questions She knew I could not answer. She eventually chose a gold bra and panties. My eyes must have showed a blend of intense longing and deep, aching pain, Her eyes simply showed joy. Then it was back to the bedroom, where I got a quick but passionate spanking over Her knee for trying to sneak around the blindfold. I was bent over a horse next, and got several cuts with a whip to reinforce the same lesson.

Dazed, reeling, still at full attention and still aching, I was then herded into a corner, where Mistress Katelyn ordered me to take myself to the brink of orgasm three times -- with no release -- while she left the room briefly. Before leaving, She explained that She wanted me to understand "the two P's" - Privilege, and Punishment. I would be experiencing both, She told me.

I don't know how, but I followed Her no-orgasm orders. When She returned, She was feeling festive and this meant it was time for me to dangle. She hoisted my arms over my head and fixed my wrists to a chain. By itself, this wasn't so bad. But then came the clothespins -- several of them, all over, and then She reclined on the bed to watch me struggle and ache.

It was exquisite. My helplessness was complete. My pain was real. My frustration was overwhelming. And before me, a goddess was relaxing and radiant. She invited me to come over and feel Her. I tried but found the restraints were quite secure. She teased me. "What's the matter, why aren't you coming?" She asked sweetly. But I could not. I could only suffer in front of Her.

After She mercifully decided I had had enough, she yanked the clothespins off rapidly, sending even more pain shooting through me. She released me and re-invited me to approach Her on the bed. This time I scrambled over as fast as I could.

She produced a bottle of lotion and spread a few drops on Her creamy leg. It was my duty to rub it in, and I did so while scarcely believing the privilege I was being granted. There are simply no words to describe Her skin. The best lines penned by Shakespeare cannot hold a candle to the feeling.
The privilege was increased as I was allowed to go further up Her leg, and accompany my massages with kisses. This I did eagerly, passionately -- but slowly. I was determined not to be one of those simple-minded and single-minded men who do not pay proper attention to their lady. If I was going to be given the chance to kiss a goddess, I was not going to do it carnally, but sensually, with proper reverence and attention paid to Her.

This passed all too soon. I was ordered to lie on the bed, and Mistress Katelyn secured my wrists to the bedframe and fixed my ankles with a spreader. I had never worn a spreader before, and the feeling was delightful. She slipped a blindfold on me and left the room again, leaving me to wallow in the recipe of anguish and denial She had brewed.

She came back in a white bra and panties, which were both lit up by the room's backlighting. She produced a new toy, a vibrating teaser that She danced over my body. It flickered and flew, dived and swooped, and with it came a new definition of suffering I never knew before. I writhed, heaved and gasped. I stammered how much I hoped my suffering was amusing Her.

She snapped off the vibrating device and left me at the edge. As She was releasing my hands, I could not help but stare at Her panties, and She softly chided me for this. But even more agonizing was the tantalizing moment when She stretched across me to reach my other hand. I couldn't help gazing at Her bra, and I couldn't help the kiss that escaped my lips and caressed Her breast. I had to. I did not know when, or if, I would ever be this close to a goddess again.

"Behave yourself", She chided again, and followed up her statement with a whack from a whip by the bed. That sent me scurrying into the shower, where I was ordered to submit to three minutes of freezing water before getting dressed. The blast of water was so cold it took the air out of me, but just as I reached for the faucet I heard Her say that I wasn't allowed to turn off the water until She said so. The three minutes soon passed, but my erection did not.

When I was cleaned and dressed, I cleaned the gag in the bathroom. When Mistress Katelyn returned, I was given permission to speak freely and I thanked Her profusely. We chatted for a while, and as we did so, the pain within me slowly leveled to a dull ache.

But it didn't go away, and even as I write this three days later, I can still feel it. I am captured more tightly than by any chain or rope. The bonds aren't visible, but they are real. They are there.

Mistress Katelyn taught me "the two P's" that day, but I also learned much more. I learned a new world of pain and slavery. I learned what a goddess looks and feels like. But more than anything, I learned the meaning behind that old ancient curse... "A beautiful woman is the Paradise of the eyes, the Purgatory of the purse... and the Hell of the soul."

Written by Slave Jay

Many more stories are available to members of Mistress Katelyn FemDom World.

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