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Stories - Abduction Fantasies

(submitted by: Mistress Katelyn [website])
(written by: Slave John)

A British MI-6 spy is captured and tortured by a Female German agent in World War II.

He noticed her on the train from Italy to Vienna. In the dining car. In the evening as he had a light supper. Dressed in black, back to the end of the booth at the end of the car, facing him, quite some distance away. She had blonde hair, a black, wide-brimmed hat, the shadow cutting just below her eyes making it difficult to tell where she looked. A long, black cigarette holder occasionally parting her red lips. She only sipped a drink.

It was in the 1930's and the Nazi's were about. They had organized and captivated much of Germany. Europe seemed perplexed in response. Reporting back to England on Germany's supposed secret alliance with Italy was his job. Troop movements. Political climate. He couldn't put it together. That was London's job. MI-6. No notes. Only codes and a small, hidden transmitter he used at 0300 every day. The codes were in his head. The transmitter in a hollowed out section in one of the many books he carried as a book salesman. His cover.

The sun hung low and bathed the mountainside in golden light picked up like minors on the frozen ponds and lakes they passed at high altitude. In and out of shadow, the train made its way, rocking gently, blocking the sun at times as the mountains changed in the weaving path. She rose, a tall woman, straightened her dress, picked up her coat and walked the length of the car towards him.

The dress was long, tight at the hip. Black straps held her shoes at the ankle. The bodice was loose by design and low. He liked the way her breasts moved underneath. She did not look at him and walked by and out of the car, the clacking tracks announcing her departure as the door opened behind him. He finished his meal thinking of her.

After securing the book bag in his locked, private compartment, he moved to the piano car. He sat at the bar next to the piano, the crystal lights on the wall, dim. Several patrons sat at tables and listened to plaintive melodies. He ordered a brandy.

"Do you have a light?" He turned and looked directly into the loose bodice and then up to the eyes shadowed under the hat.

"Of course," he said rising and reaching for his lighter. She moved into the chair next to him and he glimpsed the curve of her bosom. He lit her cigarette, the holder extending from her lips and returned to his seat. "What are you having?"

She blew smoke and considered his question a moment, appearing not certain as to whether or not to accept. "I suppose it's all right. I'll have brandy as well". He ordered and they said little, listening to the music and feeling the gentle sway of the train beneath them.

When the pianist took his break, he turned to her. "Do you live in Vienna?"

"No. Budapest. I'm on holiday". She offered nothing else and crossed her leg, the slit in her skirt revealing the top of a black stocking. More time passed.

"Having a good time of it?" he asked.

"Traveling alone has its advantages...and disadvantages", she said. "And you. Holiday?"

" Business. Books. I sell books. I'm afraid the Italians are better lovers than readers". He knew there was a train to Budapest scheduled when they arrived in Vienna. "Returning to Budapest?"

"No. I must hear the opera before I return. Several days in Vienna."

"Where, if I might ask, are you staying?" It was bold of him, but the creamy tops of thigh and bosom, more than brandy, intoxicated him.

She eyed him cautiously again, exhaled a thin, blue line of smoke and finally offered: "I have the use of a friend's flat. Inside the Ring Strasse, near St. Stephens cathedral in the music district". He named his hotel. It was large with high volume and allowed him to move about without notice. She asked if he liked it there.

"It's fine. The service is as good as anywhere, I suppose. A bit lonely, though, even with the crowds". Did he notice just the slightest smile? He lit another cigarette for her.

"Your meals", she asked: "Where do you take your meals?"

"I'm afraid I don't get out of the hotel much". She excused herself, perfume remaining behind as she went to the toilet.

She returned and gathered her coat. Slipping a card to him she said: "You must come for dinner then. Tomorrow night. Eight o'clock". He examined the hand written address and looked up to thank her. She was gone. He did not see her again. He spent a restless night thinking of her and looked for her at the long customs line in the morning, but in the crowd he did not see her. Why not, he thought. Business and a bit of pleasure. Why not, indeed.

At half-past seven he began his walk. No cars were allowed on the Ring Strasse after five and in bundled coat he made his way past the music in the cathedral, down narrow cobble stone streets, high buildings on either side. The dark, wood door sat back in the narrow stucco frame, shiny brass number above shiny brass knocker. He lifted and dropped it with a rap. The door opened, a maid escorted him inside to a living room and took his coat.

"I'm afraid I must be leaving for the evening. Miss will be down in a moment", said the older woman. She left. He prepared a scotch from a decanter, no ice, and waited.

"Make yourself comfortable", she said descending the stairs. Immediately his trousers began to stir. Her dress was very short, extremely tight and outlined every curve of her body. It was black, high at the neck and made of a rather shiny material, like polished rubber or vinyl. Garters hugged her legs below the hemline attaching themselves to black stockings. Her breasts, frill and large strained against their capture.

"Remove your coat and tie", she offered turning her back towards him, pouring herself a drink. "Did you have trouble finding your way?"

"No. Not at all. I'm somewhat familiar with this area", he said, standing and removing his tie.

"Vienna has such fun and decadent clothing…if you know where to look", she said with a playful wink. "Do you like it?"

"Yes. I've never seen anything like it except..." he was embarrassed to continue.

She smiled. "Except at naughty Cabarets?" He nodded, still unable to speak. "I enjoy decadence every now and then." She looked directly at his crotch. "I can see you do as well." Still, he remained silent.

She sat beside him, hand on his thigh and engaged him in small talk about his business and traveling. The hand felt iron hot, the fingers inside the curve of his thigh, not too high, but not at his knee either. She asked about his politics. He answered there was no room for politics in book sales. She smiled slightly and taking his glass, walked away to freshen his drink, her magnificent bottom smooth except for the garter outlined across each cheek underneath the tight, shiny dress.

She returned noticing the object of his stare and handed him the drink with a smile: "Bottoms...up, then". He took a strong pull as she remained standing in front of him. "I liked the way you looked at me on the train. It pleased me. You were still a gentleman, but I knew you were, shall we say, interested? I do not dress like this often, but I thought I might reward you for your good behavior".

"I am, then, most appreciative", he said. She smiled. His head began to spin slightly.

"It is a bit confining, though", she said. His pulse accelerated, his vision becoming a bit unclear. "Perhaps you would like to remove it for me?" she asked, voice soft and inviting, yet somehow down a tunnel of sorts. She reached down and her fingers found his bulge. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? I want to play. Will you play with me?"

Y.....y.... yes. I..." he shook his head, trying to clear it, "...would".

She took his hand, then his arm as he rose a bit unsteadily. "Perhaps too much drink on an empty stomach. Let me help you...". She walked him upstairs, his head spinning now, her breast tight against his arm. They entered a dimly lit room, shapes all around as he fought to stay focused.

"Undo me", she said and turned. He fought to focus and found the zipper, lowering it to her bottom. "Now help he out of it", she said and the tight form wiggled free at last. She wore only garter belt, stockings and high heels. Nothing else. When she turned toward him, she smiled and said: "we have so much playing to do".

She permitted his hands to roam freely across her body as she removed his clothes. When he was naked, she kissed him and her fingers toyed between his legs. He fought to stay focused, the desire and confusion fighting him.

"Here, lean back", she said and gently pushed him. "Let me play with you", she teased and took an almost numb wrist and secured it over his head. Then the other. She pressed against him, breasts on his chest, her breath warm against his neck. He shook to clear his head as he felt his ankles secured. She stood in front of him, fingers teasing between his legs, hand on hip.

"You are just what I need tonight", she smiled. She handed him a small blue pill and helped him with water. "This will help".

She pulled a chair, sat next to him and lit her cigarette through the long, black tube. His head began to clear and she noticed his eyes coming to focus. She waited. Finally she spoke.

"I think..." she said pausing, are very political", she smiled, "little book man". She was soft, yet unnerving. "And I'd like to discover your politics tonight. You'll let me do that, won't you", she pouted seductively. He fought for a moment against his bonds.

"So, let's play...oh...what shall we play?" She stood and put out her cigarette. Taking his swollen cock in one hand, she began tapping the thin reed again and again on the head of his cock with the other, gradually increasing the force until he gasped at the pain. "How about we play the code game?" She increased the force of the swinging swats.

"Go to hell"! he said.

She smiled. "It's OK. I will get them and I will have fun getting them", she said softly. "Please try and hold out as long as you can. I have time." She stopped hitting him and turned her back to him, bending at the waist, reaching behind, grabbing his stiff cock and pushing back until it was inside her. She bounced back and forth several times and stepped away.

"Did you like that?" He moaned. "I thought you might", she smiled. "Your English cock is so big, I simply had to feel it".

She spent a great deal of time on his nipples. Twisted clothespins, riding crop spanking around the wooden clamps, bristle brush rubbing the sore buds when the pins were removed. "Just a warm up", she winked.

She placed a hood on him and closed it all around him. A collar went around his neck and he felt his head being held till by an attachment above him. Straps wound each leg and the trunk of his body. Then soothing and soft fingers applied moisture to his cock and balls. Then something was attached to them.

In a moment she laid against his standing, bound form, breasts pushing against his chest. She was at his ear: "Surely they told you about electricity?" she purred. And she was gone. He felt nothing but his utter confinement for quite some time.

The first jolt shot through his balls and he screamed in pain. Then it was gone and he gasped for air. The second started at the base of his cock and circled it several times. Amazingly, his cock stayed hard through the pain. She laid against him again, and pinched his sore nipple, toying with it as she spoke: "I know you probably won't, but you can tell me the codes any time you like and I will give you great pleasure". Then she was gone.

For some time she ran the current through him. Up and down his shaft, against his balls, slowing at times, increasing the current at others, watching to keep him off balance. He refused and she grew quite impressed. When at last she removed the attachments, she cleaned him thoroughly. She told him about her pistol and then released his arms and legs and led him to a bed. She placed him face down and secured him spread-eagled. A pillow was under his waist pushing his bottom high. Removing the hood, she placed a blindfold over his eyes and pulled his cock and balls back between his legs so they rested on the pillow. She teased him sexually for quite some time.

"Such a naughty boy", she said moving off the bed. His desire was great, she was expert at creating frustration.

"Crack!" A paddle exploded on his bottom once and then again. Then again. And then a rhythm of pain continued as she applied stinging swats to his up-raised cheeks. Then she strapped him. His bottom was on fire when she stopped and the teasing began again. She got him hard once more and very close to orgasm. Then she paddled him again.

She turned him over and re-secured him on his back. She stroked him until he was bursting with desire. He felt her legs on either side of him and she lowered herself on top of his stiff cock. He gasped at the sensation.

"It's time now", she said softly. Very slowly she raised up to the tip and even more slowly she lowered herself again. "Listen, book man, spy. If you come before you tell me, I will leave you here, tied like this, to die. We will not be back anyway. The rent is paid for one year. But if you tell me the codes first", she raised up and down slowly again, "I will give you what you want." She did not hurry and began to slowly work just the head of his cock. "The choice is simple and it's all your".

He fought against desire and loyalty. She slowed and stopped while he considered his dilemma. "Just the little codes. I know you want to come so badly. Just tell me. I want to feel you shoot inside". She began her rhythm and he could stand it no longer and he yelled them out. "Good boy", she panted and rode and rode non stop bringing him to his destination, not stopping when he came so that the ultra sensitive head had to rub still against her insides as he cried out again and again. He heard her make the call and then she released him, removed the blindfold.

"You cannot go back now and killing me will do nothing for you. Why don't we enjoy ourselves a bit more?" They smoked and then her fingers began to play with him until he was, again, hard. He took her from behind and her bottom slammed against his belly again and again. The edge off now, he fucked her hard and she screamed twice in orgasm before he released again.

She handed him false papers to Budapest. "I will travel with you. We have so much to learn about your network and I will enjoy fucking it out of you. And we will be safe there. Away from Berlin, but in contact."

After a long, hot bath the cold empty streets greeted them outside the door. Snow crunched under foot as they made their way to the train station and boarded. Inside their private compartment, he found himself on his knees licking, between her legs, her skirt high on her waist as she sat bottom on the edge of the chair. She tugged on a chord wrapped tight around his balls, which came up between his bottom cheeks from behind, giving him directions. "Such a good little puppy. You shall be my pet. It will be very good for you. You'll see. We will play and play. And you will become such a good lover. You'll see. There! Right there!….That's it...lick me there.…right…………..theeerrreee! !" and she tugged hard on the chord.

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