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Stories - Domestic Discipline

How To Give your Husband a Punishment Spanking
(submitted by: Mistress Katelyn [website])
(written by: Slave John)

Instructions on how to properly spank your husband...

First and foremost, these are not playful. They are designed to hurt and hurt good, both at the time he gets them and for several days afterward. He is to dread them. That is the only way to change his behavior. They are also in no way sexual. I attend to his backside during a Punishment Spanking (PS), not his front side. That being said, follow these procedures and they will work for you.

I have divided PS into several categories listed below. Study both the actual meaning and the intent.

  • Rules
  • Accountability with certainty
  • Ritual
  • Position
  • Implements
  • Duration
  • Observation
  • Miscellaneous


PS's are not randomly applied. He needs to know the rules and know he will be punished when they are broken. These are serious offences. Here are my current rules:

  1. Breaking the household budget
  2. Accounting errors made with our finances: checking balances, credit card payments, other household payments, etc.
  3. Ignoring or forgetting household chores
  4. Swearing or using foul language
  5. Failure to call when he will be late (Should I ever have to worry if he's been in an accident?)
  6. Lying
  7. Cheating
  8. Stealing
  9. Completely disregarding a request I have made
  10. Doing/seeing naughty things: i.e. going to gentleman's clubs, pornography, viewing my lingerie catalogs without permission, etc.
  11. Any unauthorized masturbation

These are worthy of PS's. Does that mean that I don't put him over my knee for a good hairbrush attitude adjustment? Of course not. But attitude adjustments are not PS's. They are not as serious and can be dealt with accordingly and with much more spontaneity. For example, if he's ogling some young thing at the mall, a quick swat on the seat of his pants will wake him up immediately.

Accountability with Certainty

I never let any breaking of the rules slide by. He knows with 100% certainty that if a rule is broken he will be having a PS. It is that simple.


Over time I have established exactly what will happen. The only variable is timing and that is totally up to me. There are times when I've received a bank statement in the mail that needs correction and I've called him home for lunch and given him a PS and then sent him back to work. Sometimes I wait until he gets home. Sometimes I send him off to work in the morning after a good PS. Timing is up to me, but I always try and keep it fairly close to the infraction. Here are the elements of the Ritual I have established:

  • My dress: When I tell him it's time, I have full makeup on and I am fully dressed. No bra and panties or lingerie like I wear for some playful spankings. I may be in jeans and a T-shirt or a dress, but nothing revealing. Again, I am separating sex and punishment.
  • His dress: When I tell him it is time, he must go immediately to the bedroom, undress completely and put on his special punishment panties. These are worn only for PS's. They are completely sheer and allow me to see everything. These add greatly to his humiliation and I want him to be humiliated at the thought of being punished by his wife, a woman, for breaking a rule.
  • First Corner Time: Again, without being told, once he is in his punishment panties he is go to our designated punishment corner. He knows to put his nose all the way in, keep his hands to his sides and refrain from even the slightest fidgeting regardless of how nervous he is. In our home, the punishment corner is in the living room.
  • Last Corner Time: when I announce the PS is over, without being told, he is to get back into the corner as before while leaving his punishment panties where I left them. He is to remain there until I call him out. Under no circumstances is he to rub or touch his bottom.


I never deliver a PS over the knee. I want the intimacy to be between his bare bottom and the instrument. I never, ever tie him down in position. It is his responsibility to maintain the position until I release him. Failure to do so results in extras. Because of the way I deliver PS's, I usually only use one position per PS, unless extras are required and then the extras may be in another position. Once he is in position I lower or remove his punishment panties. Here are the positions:

  • Standing with hands on head: feet must remain in place throughout with the heels
    down; hands must remain on head.
  • Standing bent over with hands locked behind his knees: feet stay down, hands stay locked
  • Lying on back with knees to chest, arms behind knees holding legs in position: he may not let go of his hands and cannot roll over
  • Lying on stomach with pillows underneath pushing his bottom high and palms and nose on the bed: no rolling; palms and nose must stay on bed
  • Bent over the sofa or spanking bench: heels stay down and hands stay in appropriate position
  • Hands on mantel with arms extended fully, feet spread wide: heels and hands must remain in position
  • Kneeling on the seat of a chair facing the back with arms hugging the chair back: chest must stay against the chair back at all times
  • Standing with feet as wide as possible, palms on floor, straight legs: all 4's must remain on floor with no knee bend
  • On all 4's, head up, back arched, bottom high, ankles crossed over one another.


As a PS technique, unlike other types of spankings, I rely totally on rapid-fire strokes without warm up that sting as opposed to bruise. I favor a lot of stinging strokes as opposed to a few extra-hard for several reasons. One, I don't want him to be able to mentally "recover" from a swat and get ready for the next. Two, my target is from mid-bottom cheek to mid-thigh and wooden, plastic or other hard implements do not allow safe application in this complete target area.

Consequently, I use the cane and leather tawse exclusively. Because of its ability to deliver 30 or so "pops" within, say, a 20 second timeframe, I use the cane for the PS. Sharp flicks of the wrist combined with the "whippy" nature of the cane are most effective at rapid-fire delivery. A one-minute caning, believe me, is a very effective PS! You can get it done and send him back to work in the one-hour lunch break. I use both striping as well as criss-cross patterns. I use the tawse exclusively for "extras". The tawse has a different feel and will evoke quite a satisfactory reaction even on a well-caned bottom. Again, I do not count. He knows that when he feels the tawse it is because he has not accepted his punishment well and that the swats he has earned are directly for those infractions. Using just these two implements allows him to differentiate between the initial infraction and his ability to receive punishment effectively.


It's over when I say so, period. I never, ever announce the number of swats or have him count. I deliver rapid-fire, nonstop pops to his bare bottom until I feel the lesson has been learned. If I have him count or announce a number, he can anticipate when the PS will stop. I do not want that to happen. I quickly build the sting; keep it going and am relentless in not stopping too soon. It also makes it difficult for him to hold position and I want that to be difficult for him. Remember, even two minutes of hard, swift pops does the trick. A PS that lasts, except for extras, 3-4 minutes is absolutely the maximum if you are doing it properly. Almost no one can stand if for that period of time. Also, there is never any warm-up. I get right at it.


I carefully observe the most sensitive areas and return to them often. I also never, ever break the skin, but there are always marks that will last several days. I don't consider the PS completely over until all the marks are gone. I must, therefore, stay really focused throughout making certain the entire target area is covered and that he stays in position until I am finished. If marks don't appear, we keep going. If he breaks position, we keep going.


  • He must always hand-wash his punishment panties when I release him from the corner so that they are ready for the next PS. He is to do this without being told.

  • Crying out: I expect it. If I'm doing my job, he will cry out. I never gag him. But there are exceptions: he cannot curse or use a 4-letter word, he cannot ask for mercy or beg me to ease up, he cannot ask a witness to leave. "I'm sorry" in a non-pleading voice is acceptable as well as "Oh!" and "Oh my!" and the typical "Ouch!" I also do not mind if he cries out "That hurts," because it is supposed to hurt.

  • I always lock him up in a chastity device before a PS. I do not want to deal with the occasional erection and I do not want him thinking about sex. The tube stays locked on until the marks are gone, without fail. No exceptions.

  • I expect bottom clenching and unclenching both during the PS and in the post-PS corner time. It is a natural reaction along with minimal bottom wiggling as long as the rest of the position is maintained. A "dancing bottom" is almost uncontrollable, is cute and I use it to add humiliation by saying things like: "That's it, dance for the cane - wiggle your naughty bottom while I play a little tune on it.

  • Anger: it has no place. I choose the timing so Jam careful not to be angry when I dole out a PS.

  • Tears: these can happen, but I never stop a PS because of them nor do I continue to gain them. They are a nice touch, however.

  • I expect contrition. At some point before he gets dressed, I expect to hear a sincere apology. I don't hug him afterward, but prefer to leave him to his own thoughts.

  • I hope you find this information helpful. It has taken me years through trial-and-error to arrive at these procedures. The results speak for themselves. In the beginning my husband averaged a PS once every 7-10 days. He currently receives one about once every 3-6 weeks. Stick with your plan and you will get, eventually, a good little boy.

    Many more stories are available to members of Mistress Katelyn's
    FemDom World >> Mistress Katelyn's FemDom World

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    Brian T Houlihan

    Comment on Story
    Wow. i am still in shock over how real and terrifying and exciting that was. What a scay yet oh so powerful Mistress. i was both scared and excited as i read it. a peek into a forbidden world with a true believer/practicioner. Thank You so much Mistress.
    lady kay

    Comment on all
    This is a wonderful way to punish your husband. I punish my husband as well. I do a few things a little different but it works out in my favor. I also don,t let my husband know when he is going to get it. But I order him to drop all his clothes and get to the Bathroom. He knows its time for punishment if this happens. I also am fully dressed. I ask him if he needs to pee before we start. I he has to I use a Fr18 Red Rubber Cauterier and drain him. He hates this. Once this is removed. I continue to make him stand in place and I get him hard. When his Penis is hard, I take a Q-Tip full of Hot Lube and work it in and out of him for a minuted. Then I Masturbate him. Beleive me, that hurts when he cums. It also leaves him limp and not wanting any punshment. Then a pair of Panties and the corner for whatever time I want him in it. Then comes the Cane. He is Ordered to lay on a pillow on our Bed so his Butt is up a little higher. I use a Short and thin cane. He gets 5 to 10 Hard Strokes at a time usually. Then a 30sec to 1 min break. Then we do it all over again This goes on till I feel he has had enough. I cane his Buttock from the Middle of it to just about 2 to 3 inchs below his Buttock. I do leave marks and some stay for a couple days. We don,t need to do this except for about every 3 to 4 weeks. He has gotten better over a short period time. PS. Would like some advice. I use a 3mil (very thin cane) what do you use? I also would like to try to do what you do with my husband. And that is, put him on his Back with his legs up and Cane him. But I am afraid I might hit his Testicles by mistake and I don't want that to happen. I am out to punish him and make it hurt, but not to damage him.Can you help? Thanks kay

    Comment on all
    Excellent narrative. I am looking to find such a domme woman or at least be a witnes for one as she punishes her sub accordingly. I travel a lot, but spend most of my time in houston.

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