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Stories - a slaves Rendition

A City of Women
(submitted by: Goddess Lorena [website])
(written by: Supreme Goddess Lorena of [email])

Daniel thought he was just going on another business trip but instead he gets kidnapped and taken to an island that is ruled by Dominant Women.

Daniel awoke to his radio alarm clock which startled him with a loud and aggressive feminist speech. He groaned, rolled over, and with one hand he slammed the button off before the woman on the radio could finish her sentence. I always hated that station, he grumbled to himself. Thinking that his wife must have left it on that station, he looked over at her where she lay beside him and still sleeping despite the loud interruption. She had one of her legs uncovered, to expose a long slender thigh and calf. Her wavy blonde hair lay in a tangled mess over her cheek, covering her attractive facial features. For a slight fraction of a second, Daniel felt the resurfacing of an old urge to grab her, fondle her breasts until she woke up, and then mount her. He would fuck her until he came then he would get up to go shower quickly before high-tailing it to the office. Then he realized what he was thinking. A disappointed and sinking feeling came over him and he stuffed his yearning back inside of him to that deep and dark place where he stored all of his regrets then he rolled out of bed. He took his mind off of it by going over today's workload in his mind. He was weeks behind schedule. He turned on the shower, ran his fingers through his thick brown hair, then he went through the rest of his morning procedures roboticly.

Jill heard the shower running and knew it was safe to open her eyes now. The last thing she wanted was to face Daniel this morning. They had argued again last night just as they always did most every night. She had brought up the same old argument again about how she needed to get away with him for a romantic couple's holiday. They have been married for seven years now and Daniel had not taken her anywhere since their honeymoon, a honeymoon that got cut short because he had a new project at work that he had to get back to in time. Since then he had never found a convenient time to take time off of work. He was dedicated to his job more than any man she had ever met. It is what she had liked about him when they had first met but she had no idea at the time that her needs and interests would interfere with his goals. She felt like he had become like her father, a highly recognized and devoted businessman but also an unemotional, distant, and absent husband.

The water in the bathroom turned off and Daniel came back into the bedroom to get dressed so Jill closed her eyes and tried to fall back asleep.

A few minutes later, Daniel headed down the stairs to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and rummaged through the shelves hoping to find something for a quick breakfast. Why the hell can't she come down and fix me something like she used to, like a good little wife should?!, he thought feeling frustrated.

"Damn!", he cursed outloud as he grabbed the last remaining banana.

Screw her!, he thought. She can just get off her lazy ass and go buy some more if she bloody well wants one! He took the banana with him and he headed out the front door. He purposely slammed it, knowing that she was already awake, just as she was most mornings when he got ready for work. But why screw up a good thing?, he thought. If I let on that I know she is up then she would just want to go over what we argued about the night before, he thought as he opened the driver's side door to his blue mercedes. He threw in his briefcase and cellular phone, climbed in, started the engine, then pulled out of the driveway. He avoided looking up at the bedroom window. He didn't feel like waving goodbye to her and even more so didn't want to catch her smiling down at him, knowing that he would then have to force one back at her. As he sped off down the street he leaned over and grabbed his cellular phone from off of the passenger seat and he started to dial Suzie's number.

Suzie was a twenty-three year old blonde that he kept in a downtown apartment. They had met at a company party. Jill had been in the living room talking with the other wives as she usually did at such functions and he had been in the den with the other men when he got the urge to use the bathroom. Suzie had been standing in line when he had approached the home's one and only bathroom. They flirted back and forth until the bathroom became free and all of a sudden Suzie offered to share the bathroom with him since they both couldn't hold it any longer. From there their relationship grew. He saw Suzie three to four times a week on his lunch hours, getting a blowjob or a fuck for lunch then he would head back to work, most often late and still hungry for food. He felt that she was everything that Jill used to be. Sexually adventurous and willing to please. Everything a man dreamed of. Why should I always have to worry about whether she's coming or not and whether I'm doing it the 'right way'?, he thought. Sex should be more simple. Women should be more simple, he added. It would make my life alot easier.

Daniel woke Suzie up and discussed the time of their next rendezvous as his mercedes ripped through the quiet streets, sending fall leaves flying behind him as he sped off to work with the steering wheel in one hand and Suzie on the phone in his other hand. It's going to be a good day, he thought, smiling to himself.

Daniel walked into the travel agent's office and told his agent that he wanted two tickets to Cancun, Mexico. He always used the same agent. She was discreet with all of his hidden travels but most of all, she was cute. Everytime he and Suzie took a 'business' trip together, his travel agent took care of everything. The last thing he needed right now was a divorce. Jill would take everything that he had worked hard for, he thought. His home. His car. Everything. He left the travel agency with a smile on his face. Jill knew he was leaving today for a business trip today. They had argued all last night over why she wasn't able to come with him. Daniel insisted he would take her next time, explaining that this time it was an important project and he couldn't fuck it up by taking along a clingy, nagging wife. Boy I'm good, he thought smugly. I've got it all! A wife to care for my home, a great lay on the side whenever I want it, a great job, a nice car to attract the babes, and a large well-hidden bank account just far enough out of the wife's reach. Why share what I've worked so hard for, he grumbled. All Jill ever did was quit college to marry me then she only gave me seven years of whining and complaining!

He walked around the corner of the building and he took the alley back to where he had parked his car. He had parked it far away from the travel agent's office in fear that Jill might show up.

He heard a car's tires turn the corner and come towards him down the alley from behind him. He quickly moved over to the right side of the alley to give it room to pass. It was an old alley with cobblestones for a road. There wasn't much room so Daniel inched between two garbage cans. He could hear the vehicle slow down to a crawl as it got closer to him. Why aren't they passing damn it!, he fumed. He turned around to see what was taking it so long to pass and saw that it was a dark green van.

All of a sudden the van stopped and three large men jumped out of it. They came right for him. Daniel was totally taken off guard but then he started to fight them off. It didn't seem to put them off much. All of them they just lifted him right off of the ground, carried him to the van, slid the side door open, and threw him inside.

"What the fuck is going on?! Who the hell are...", Daniel shouted at them but then instantly blackness came over him as one of the men in the green coveralls had hit Daniel from behind with something hard.

The van drove down the alley then it turned down the main street. It was still early in the morning and there wasn't a person in sight.

There was a sharp pain at the back of Daniel's head. It took awhile for him to realize what had happened. Then he remembered. His body wanted to spring into action but his mind wouldn't let him. He felt groggy and a wave of dizziness hit him. He fell unconscious again.

What might have been seconds could well have been hours. He managed to stay awake longer this time. He didn't feel as dizzy but sadly, with the dizziness gone, he now felt more of the pain at the back of his head. He cringed in angony. He went to reach for his head but then he found that he couldn't. He had been tied as well as blindfolded. What the hell do they want with me?!, he thought frustrated. I'm nobody! Shit, I don't even have my own office, let alone ransom money! Unless they know about the hidden account?, he thought with surprise. Or, maybe I've pissed somebody off? No, he thought, they would have killed me by now if that was the case. He wanted to get a good look at them but couldn't because of the blindfold. I wonder if it's still daytime or not, he thought to himself.

Suddenly he heard voices. He lay perfectly still and he peeled his ears for any noise at all. So far it was the first thing he had heard at all since he had come around.

"Where is he?!", a woman demanded to know.

A woman!, Daniel thought.

"He's in the cargo compartment, maam.", a male voice answered her.

Cargo? I'm on a plane?, Daniel thought with amazement. He decided to reanalyze his situation now. He realized things were going to be a little more difficult to get out of now than he had hoped. He was tied up, blindfolded, gagged, still a bit dizzy, had a throbbing pain in his head, and he seemed to be stuck on a plane heading to who knows where and for what reason! Shit!, he cursed to himself. He heard footsteps. They became louder and closer to where he was. Then they stopped. The sound of a door opening caught his attention.

"What the hell is he doing conscious?! Didn't I tell you three to keep him sedated?!"

"Yes maam. I'm sorry. We'll take care of it right away.", one of the men replied.

Daniel thought the man was being overly courteous to her. Who the heck is she and why would a woman be kidnapping me?, he asked himself. Why do these men work under her like a pack of obedient dogs? Well, I'm not going to let them sedate me again, that's for damn sure! Several pairs of footsteps came towards him then all of a sudden arms grabbed him. Daniel muffled threats at them but to no great success. The gag was tied too tight around his head and so were the ropes that were tied around his wrists and ankles. He tried to kick and wiggle his way out of the tight bindings but it only made the rope cut into his skin more and the men simply held onto him tighter.

"This is going to hurt.", one man sneered at him.

A sharp pain went into his arm so he tried to pull away from it but the needle had already poked into his arm. As unconsciousness took him again he could now hear the sound of the plane's engine through the open doorway. The plane tilted downwards and lowered itself towards the earth as Daniel lowered into unconsciousness unwillingly.

Daniel awoke to find himself in a cool dark place. He was surprised to find that they had removed his gag and blindfold. He looked around him and saw that he was now in a jail cell. It wasn't an ordinary cell. It looked extremely old like something out of a history book. It was all made of stone and wood with straw on the dirt floor. Torches hung along one wall just outside of the cell but far out of his reach. There were many cells but he could see that strangely enough there were no other prisoners besides himself. Not even a prison guard was around. Daniel decided this would be the time to escape. Then he looked down at himself and became disappointed with his plan. He was stark naked and was chained. His ropes had been removed in exchange for big, heavy, thick chains and on his ankles and wrists were wide bands of steel that looked to have been welded closed. Each band had a link on it and attached to each link was a long chain. The long chains kept his arms and legs attached then it ran along the dirt floor over to the far stone wall of the cell where it sank deep inside the stone. What the hell, he thought. What have I got to lose? It's now or never.

He got up but found that it wasn't as easy as it looked. The chains were heavy like lead. He felt that it weighed almost as much as an extra person as he slowly dragged it with him across the straw and dirt until he got closer to the wall where the chain had been sunk into it. He drew in a deep breath, grabbed hold of the chain, then yanked at it with all of his strength. The bands around his wrists dug into his wrist bones and spread an extreme amount of pain throughout his lower arms. It had been done in vain. The stone wall didn't even crack. He wanted to get out of the chains so that he could then tackle the cell door next. He looked over at the door. The wood was thick and it looked like it would require a chainsaw to get through it. He looked down at his now swelling wrists and sighed. How did I get myself into this?, he thought. Won't someone wonder where I am? Then he reached a horrifying conclusion. Everyone knew he was supposed to be going to Mexico today. Is it still today?, he thought. Would Jill know that he never got to the airport? What about Suzie? Would she wonder why he hadn't picked her up, or would she think that he had changed his mind and decided to take Jill this time like he and Suzie had recently argued about? Geez, what if no one figures out that I've been kidnapped?!, he thought, growing more worried now. He sat down on the dirty floor of the prison cell and started to give up all hope.

Then he heard noises. There was shouting and it sounded like it was either outside or far away. Daniel listened closely and noticed that it sounded like joyful shouting. Like that of a celebration. It grew louder and louder until it sounded like it was just outside of where he was. He thought it sounded mostly like women but he could also hear the occasional voice or shout of a man. He heard a door open and the shouts became more loud and clear. Light shone into his cell from the direction of the noise. Two men, who to Daniel looked like two large gorillas wearing short brown tunics and brown leather sandals, entered the prison and they stomped their way over to his cell.

"It is time. Rise.", commanded one of the tall muscular men.

"Who are you and what am I doing here?!", Daniel demanded to know.

"Silence!", the other large man barked at Daniel. The man then reached for the large padlock on his cell door and with a large key on the key ring that he held, he opened the padlock and then threw open the cell door.

Daniel stepped back not knowing what to expect.

"Be still. I'm going to remove one of your chains. You do as I say. Stand still, quiet, and obedient!", the other man said to him.

Obedient?, Daniel thought. Who the hell are these guys? But he decided that since they were slightly bigger than him and since he was a little tied up at the moment that he would allow them to get him loose. One man held him tightly while the other used a large pairs of pliers to pry open one of the chain links. Next he pulled the long chain out and away from him. When they were done Daniel found that he was no longer attached to the wall but that he was still bound by the chains that connected the metal bands at his ankles and wrists. Still hoping they would do more, he looked up at them and waited. But it didn't happen.

"Bring forth the slave!", a woman's voice yelled down at them through a trap door in the ceiling.

Slave? Who was she referring to? Me?, Daniel asked himself in shock. Who the hell are they kidding? I've got to get out of here! Just as he finished thinking that the two large men threw him down on the dirt floor then they grabbed him by his chained feet and started to drag him out of the cell. Daniel yelled out in pain, cursing them all the way out of the cell, across the floor of the prison, and down it's long hall. He couldn't focus on where they were dragging him because the pain kept him too preoccupied. The metal bands on his ankles were being pulled and were now digging into his flesh. His back was getting badly bruised from the dirt floor that Daniel now realized had stone underneath. The straw was getting caught up in his hair but not enough to prevent the stone floor from banging the back of his head. He felt like an animal. It was humiliating being dragged around by his feet and getting coated in dirt. The guards didn't seem to mind what Daniel was going through. They proceeded to drag him to the end of the hall and then up a ramp towards the trap door and out of the prison below. .....

Copyright (c) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Supreme Goddess Lorena of, All Rights Reserved. To read the rest of this story, visit

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Comment on Story
i loved the story and i do wish it was me, that was kidnapped. i would love to br grabbed off the street by a group of Womyn, (instead of men) drugged and transported to an unknown destination. i often fantasize of existing in a cold, dark dungeon, chained naked in a cell and trained by Female Guards, Mistresses. once i am trained to the Mistresses specifications, i'm put on the auction block and sold into permanent lifetime slavery to Womyn, with no chance for escape. thank You Mistresses for the story. slavewill

Comment on Story
Is there more??? What happens next?? This is very good? I want to know more.

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