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Stories - a slaves Rendition

The Workout
(submitted by: Maitresse Regine [website])

Sweating for Maitresse Regine

It is late were awakened earlier by the ringing of the phone and a 3 word phrase rousing you instantly on the other end. "Come to me." Nothing more was needed. You got up, grabbed some breakfast, showered, shaved, threw on jeans, a T-shirt and the cologne you know I love in record time...On the drive over your body starts to come alive with anticipation....wondering what my creative imagination may have in store for you....You have to force yourself to concentrate on the road. Thankfully I don't live too far. You arrive at my house and are surprised to see me in my robe. Before you can speak I signal you to walk down the hall to my bedroom. After you enter I close the door behind. Soon you notice the running water sound from the bathroom next door ....Imagining me there in the shower lathering up....the hot water pouring down my body....its takes all your self control to stay in the room as you know I desire. Not quite sure what to do you sit first on the bed but after a few moments the scent of me on the perfume mixed with the sweet smell of sleep sweat begins to drive you nuts so you move to the wooden chair. You try to get comfortable. You scan the room for any indication of what I may have in store for you but the room holds no clues. In the corner of the room you notice my nightgown and panties which I must have removed before going in to shower. You go pick them up. Smelling first the night gown quickly and then the panties. You want to bury yourself in them but you hear the faint sound of a hair dryer turning off and know I will be in soon. You instead drape them across the back of the chair neatly and sit back down. Their proximity creating a longing to worship me. You hear the door open down the hall and soon the bedroom door opens and I stand leaning in the door way a bit just looking at you. You are surprised to see me in my gym leggings, blue wide neck T-shirt with a black tank top peaking out beneath, Reeboks and you happen to notice no socks. After letting you survey me I enter. "Stand up and come here " You follow my directions without question. Somewhere along the way you have lost the ability to resist me. "Close your eyes." You stand before me, eyes closed and feel my hands moving down your body. You stand helpless as I remove your shirt, undo your belt. You step out of your jeans and then underwear all the while keeping your eyes closed. My hands on your body having an intense effect on you. You follow as I guide your now naked body with hard swats on your ass and thighs from your belt until you are forced to lay down on the bed. You feel my hands around you right wrist and then something harder, a cuff, locked on and then locked to the head board. You wait for the left cuff to be placed on as well but instead you hear me begin to whisper in your ear as my hand strokes softly your now hardening cock. "slave....I am gong to work out now at the gym. I will be gone about an hour. You are to stay here naked and cuffed to my bed waiting for me. Do you understand?" My hand now stroking your cock faster almost makes you forget to answer. A sharp slap and squeeze on your balls reminds you.
'"Yes Mistress"
"You are to keep your eyes closed until you hear the door close. There is a phone in your reach. Answer it if it rings. Understood?"
"Yes Mistress."
You answer quickly to which you feel my nails ever so slightly and all too briefly run up your chest and pinch hard each nipple.
The next thing you hear is the door opening and then closing. You open your eyes hoping to still perhaps find me there but the room is empty. With your free left hand you adjust the pillow beneath your head. The idea of being here, waiting. cuffed to my bed, in my room, surrounded by my scent, my mark everywhere is almost way to much for your senses to take. You lay back. Trying to rest. Hoping to perhaps fall asleep and awake to my having returned. Its a fruitless task. Sleep eludes you. You look at the TV and begin to wonder if I left the remote handy when the phone rings. Remembering what I said you answer it.
"slave I have left something under the pillow for you. I expect you to be wearing them when I come home" click.
The sound of my voice sends shivers down your spine. You didn't know it was possible to want to please someone so much. You reach under the pillow and find a small paper bag. Inside are 3 black silicone cock rings. You open the packages and realize that part of the challenge will be doing all of this one handed. You release all three from their package and lay them on your belly. You know how I like them on you and aim to please me. You stretch first one around your scrotum....feeling the pressure when you finally get it in place and release it.....then you stretch the second around the base of your cock. And the third, and the hardest task to do one handed, you stretch the third around both your scrotum and the base of your cock. The task occupies your for sometime. Getting them all in place and adjusted just the way I like them. You cock is raging hard by the time you are done and the firm pressure from the rings is driving you wild. You hear a car drive up and the front door. You give your self one final adjust and try to calm yourself down so you don't melt when I walk in. Another fruitless task. I walk in and close the door. You see me and instantly wish you weren't cuffed to the bed so you could fall to your knees in front of me. I look so beautiful smiling in front of you. My hair back in a pony tail, my face still red and flushed from working out. I take the T-shirt off and you can see the tank top and tights clinging to my skin.
"Have you been behaving?"
You smile as I reach around over you and unlock your cuff from the headboard. As I do you get a whiff of my sweet scent and can't help yourself, you bury your head in my neck. I allow you too for a moment kissing and tasting my neck. The salty taste of dried sweat making you want to lick me all over. A sharp slap on your trussed up cock brings you back to reality. The pressure building up is becoming much more constant but not to the point of discomfort yet.
"Undress me slave."
You immediately jump up and slowly begin to peel my work out clothes off of me...first my tank top, then my bra. I take your head and bring your mouth to each nipple for what is way too short a time in your opinion. But you know that I am the one in control. You then kneel down and take off my sneakers. The lack of socks have made my feet damp and you beg to worship them. I sit down on the edge of the bed and allow you to massage them first with your hands then with your mouth. You hear my breathing quicken as you suck on my toes. Tasting every part of my foot. First one then the other. When there is not place left untasted you begin to slowly peel off my tights. I am not wearing any panties and you can smell the strong scent as you remove them. You feel an instant need to bury you face in that beautiful spicy scented pussy and musky ass. As if reading your mind, you feel my hand on either side of your head guiding you just out of reach. I hold your head there. Torturing you with the closeness. Your breathing quickens.
"Can you smell me slave?"
"Yes, Mistress I can"
"Do you want to taste me?"
"Yes, Mistress"
"Do you need to taste me?"
"Yes, Please....please please let me taste you. I need to taste you"
"Then you may" and with that I kick you back flat on the floor and I sit on your face and lean back as you explore every crevice with your mouth. With my feet I massage your hard bound cock applying pressure which if not relieved soon will surely drive you insane. You begin to focus on my clit with your tongue. You feel my body tightening and I am dripping down your face. You know I will cum soon so you press on. The need to make me cum growing, to pleasure me above yourself. You flick your tongue wildly across my clit. The salty sweaty taste and smell of my body making you feel drunk until you feel my body tighten and release and I let out a moan that lets you know to keep on. My body writhes above you digging my feet into your balls as the waves of pleasure overtake me. You keep going cleaning my juices until finally I climb off of you. I grab you by the hair and push your face into each of my pits and have you lick my sweet off of me. Then I drag you by the hair, crawling to the center of the room on all fours. You hear me go to the closet and soon your ass knows what I have returned with. I straddle you, sitting on your back and begin paddling your ass slowly with the leather paddle that stings more with each stroke, you feel me work to bring the redness out. Forcing you to actually crawl around the room with me riding your back. When you start to squirm and moan from the pain, and lose track of the number of strokes, I get off of you suddenly and sit on the chair.
"Cum for me slave. I want to watch you cum."
You turn around kneeling before me. Honored by my request. Sitting back on your freshly beaten ass. You start to remove the rings. I slap your face.
"I'll take care of those, just put on a show for me slut"
"Yes Mistress"
You sit back stroking yourself. I watch you, commenting on the little thing in your hand and what a horny slut you are. I begin pinching your nipples hard as you stroke and massage your raging hard on. I remove the cock ring around the base of your cock and the blood rushing in almost sends you off.
"Not yet slave....there are 2 more to go....I want the full show and then you must ask permission" You mumble a "yes" and hope that will suffice. I have now put my musky foot in your mouth to suck on as you stroke. Every time your hand slows you feel a kick in your balls guiding you back up to speed. I remove the second ring around your scrotum and again you almost lose it. I stop your hand for a moment as my paddle now explores your inner thighs. You begin stroking again when I am done....hoping this delicious torture will end soon and yet never end all the same. I remove that last ring from around your cock and scrotum and you know you won't be able to last much longer as my hand is now on yours guiding you quicker and my fingers squeeze your head slightly until your body is up and thrusting the air your need to release is so strong..
"Please" is the only word you manage to form over and over.
"Cum for me slave" I whisper in your ear. "Cum for me" "Now"
With that you lean back and allow yourself to give in and you explode with the most intense orgasm that seems to over take your whole body for a moment. You shoot everywhere luckily just missing my foot. You hear me laughing and applauding the show as you cum. When you are done you lick all the milky white liquid off my floor and the humiliation of that makes you almost lose it again. I then reach down and pull your head into my lap. I stroke your hair a moment and then point to the small rug on the floor. You crawl over and curl up, your ass and thighs sore, your body spent, as I leave to shower. You smile content in your place knowing you will need the rest for what the evening has yet to hold.

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