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Stories - a slaves Rendition

Pittsburgh Sadism
(submitted by: Domina Irene Boss [website])
(written by: Slave 123)

My first visit to the Mistress was back in my room at the Pittsburgh Hilton by 5:30 p.m. The appointment was not until 8:00 p.m. so I knew I had plenty of time. As I went about my preparations, my thoughts were brought back to the phone conservation I had earlier in the day with MISTRESS IRENE BOSS. Her voice was husky and throaty (like Kathleen Turner), but not sexually inviting. I would describe it as COMMANDING: yet my penis was getting 'drippy' (a serious problem I often have in the presence of dominant women) while SHE was giving me directions to her dungeon. What kind of a mess would I be when we met?

Carefully evaluated the clothes I had brought for my four-day stay in Pittsburgh. I had packed my most expensive business suit for tonight's occasion. It was wrinkled from the trip up. As I attempted to iron out the wrinkles, my mind kept re-examining that phone conversation. SHE had told me that her dungeon was a nondescript house in the Pittsburgh suburbs and given me precise directions. Would I stand out by wearing this suit? Would I give her the wrong first impression by dressing in my "power" business outfit? Would I ever get these damn wrinkles out? I went back to the closet and looked at my other options. I picked out a baby blue sport coat and a pair of white Khaki pants. I ir! oned the pants and my best white shirt and hung them back up. My long shower, shampoo and shave the phone conversation completely occupied my brain. SHE had insisted that I eat something before the session. This would be my third experience ever with a professional MISTRESS and I had fasted for 24 hours the other two times (drinking only coffee or water). I felt that eating would dull my senses and I wanted them to be at their peak for this. But I could not disobey that VOICE. I had eaten a full meal around 5:00 p.m. had asked me what I was interested in. As we conversed there were distinct "clicks" indicating others were calling her. SHE had assured me that SHE would stay on the phone with me until our conversation was finished. SHE had given me a precise time to call and I very much appreciated that gesture. The continuous minor interruptions told me that SHE was a busy woman with many admirers and, undoubtedly, slaves. I spoke about my two other Professional Dominatrix experiences and explained that I was now convinced that I was a true masochist, that I had a leather fetish and I wanted to explore those areas of my! psyche tonight. As I thought back to the conversation, I realized that SHE had agreed to NOTHING. Her final statement was "I am looking forward to meeting you and I think we are going to have some fun." The more I thought about the conversation, the more my level of concern increased. With my second MISTRESS experience, I had expressed these same desires. That MISTRESS had listened to me but during the session did little to explore those areas with me. Would this be a repeat of that? A glance at the clock told me it was time to leave. I found the house with thirty minutes to spare. I drove back to a market I had passed on the way and purchased two bottles of water. Then, as I had time to kill, I drove around on the main streets until five minutes till eight. With great anxiety, I slowly headed for HER Street. I arrived in front of the house at about 7:58, slowly got out of the car and walked toward the house. Before I got to the walkway, a small car pulled into the driveway between HER HOUSE and the neighbor's house. I turned on the walkway and approached the porch. It was time to tell it like it is and hope for the best. I walked to the door on the left and rang the doorbell as I had been instructed. The door had a 12" square piece of glass with the corners arranged in a North, South, East, West orientation. I waited for what seemed like an eternity (but was probably less than a minute). Once or twice I briefly considered ringing the doorbell again but realized that was rude and would not be tolerated by THIS MISTRESS. Suddenly, I heard heels on wood and saw a gorgeous pair of legs in fishnet stockings pausing on steps coming from the upper floor. I could not take my eyes off of them. The legs then walked slowly down the stairs and I saw THE MISTRESS in profile. I was elated when I realized that SHE had worn a curve fitting leather outfit that was cut much like a one-piece bathing suit. Her hair was pulled back and clasped. Upon reaching the landing SHE slowly turned and walked to the door. I was immediately drawn to her hourglass figure and then to her blood red lips. As I looked at that face and eyes I was locked in a stern gaze that reflected, I thought, displeasure with me. Various thoughts and fears raced through my mind as SHE advanced closer and closer. I had been on time hadn't I? Was I one minute early or one minute late? Had my facial expression revealed to her some non-verbal clue into my thoughts that had offended her in some way? THE MISTRESS was now within inches of me on the other side of the glass, still staring. What was I going to say? How would I apologize? I immediately resolved that I would do whatever it took, say whatever I needed to say to spend the next hour with this MOST BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS MISTRESS. Then, SHE smiled and opened the door. "Come in," said the VOICE now made flesh. "Thank you, MISTRESS," i softly responded as i entered. I talked for a short time and during that conversation SHE asked me if i had dressed tonight especially for HER. i told her that i had and SHE told me SHE appreciated the respect i showed HER by doing that. SHE then directed me to put my hands at my sides. SHE slowly walked behind me and suddenly grabbed me around the waist in a bear hug. "I am strong," SHE said. "I can lift you up right now if I want to." "i know you can MISTRESS and i will cause you no trouble tonight," i assured HER, attempting to appear my most submissive. "I am sure you won't," SHE stated and released me. In front of me, SHE ordered me to put my hands on top of my head. "Let's see how excited you are to see me," SHE said in a flirtatious, almost offhanded manner, as SHE played with my nipples through my shirt. They were both soon erect. SHE ordered me to! take off my tie and unbutton the first three buttons of my shirt. i complied. SHE slowly inserted HER HAND inside my shirt and, after making my nipple even more erect, cruelly twisted it between HER NAILS causing some pain. Through all of this my hands remained at my side and i made no sound {though i am sure my face expressed the pain i was experiencing}. By now my penis was beginning to swell, creating a slight bulge in the crotch area of my pants. This did not pass unnoticed by HER. "I think you will do fine," SHE said as SHE released my nipple from HER grasp. "Walk upstairs and go to the room on the far right." "Yes, MISTRESS," i complied as SHE walked behind me. Upon arriving in the room, SHE stated "You do not have to kneel yet but I do want you to sit in the middle of the floor." "Yes, MISTRESS," i complied. SHE took a seat in a red reclining chair with HER legs stretched out in front of HER. As i looked at THE MISTRESS i had a good view of HER LEGS, ASS and FACE. Each feature was beautiful and captivating but to be that close to the TOTAL PACKAGE was almost overwhelming. SHE talked and i listened. i talked and SHE listened. We discussed my previous BDSM experiences, both professional and otherwise, in great detail. SHE also took notes. "You do not look or act like you are naturally submissive" SHE observed in that husky, seductive VOICE. "You must take on that role during this session and you do understand that, don't you," SHE admon! ished, showing a full, toothy, Sandra Bullock like smile. i did. THE MISTRESS was drawing me into HER GAME, by revealing to me HER UNDERSTANDING of why i was here. SHE knew that some of the rules i would be forced to play by were not natural to me and did not come easy for me. SHE was uniquely aware that i was here not because i enjoyed those rules but so i could discover more about myself through BDSM role-play with HER. It was then i first glimpsed where we were headed. This time i would not be disappointed. If i played HER GAME by HER ETIQUETTE, there would be plenty of places inside the GAME for me to explore what i wanted. "i completely understand and thank you MISTRESS," i responded. "Very good," SHE said and got up out of the chair. "Get on your knees and hands on all fours on the carpet" SHE demanded, the tone of THE VOICE changing only slightly. "Yes Mistress," i complied. SHE sat down on my back. "Your body now belongs to ME. This is MY ass and MY back, to do with what I want," SHE stated while spanking my ass-cheeks with her open hand and rubbing my back. "Yes MISTRESS." "This is MY face, MY mouth, MY nose, MY eyes and I can block them off any time I want," SHE said as SHE touched each part of my face. "Yes MISTRESS." "This is MY pussy," SHE stated as SHE ran her hand along that part of my pants covering my asshole. "The reason I say it is MY pussy is because it is going to get fucked tonight, whether it likes it or not." "Yes MISTRESS." "And most of all, this is MINE," SHE barked, grabbing my penis and testicles through my pants and underwear. "You will not touch this or do anything with this without my permission." "Yes MISTRESS. "Now I am going to leave but I will be back ! in a little bit. When I get back you will be completely naked and sitting over there on those spikes," SHE commanded, pointing to a rubber mat with rows and rows of half inch spikes sticking up through the rubber. "Yes MISTRESS." SHE immediately turned and left the room, closing the door behind HER. i took off my clothes and placed them in a box nearby. i then sat down on the spikes. At first it hurt terribly but after a while i did not really notice. While i sat there waiting, my emotions kept vacillating between gut wrenching fear and absolute joy. This is going to be the best SESSION yet, i thought. i have told HER everything i knew of to tell HER. As we communicated, there seemed to be a joint and mutual understanding between us. the other hand, that could present a serious problem I thought. Before I walked into this dungeon tonight, I had read everything I could obtain about her. What I had learned about her made me think I knew her pretty well and we were compatible. But after 15 minutes of spilling my guts to her, SHE knows more about my sexual preferences than any other woman has ever known. I would not trust my best friends with this kind of information about me. How can I trust a MISTRESS I just met? was as if there were two personalities occupying my mind: one excited and looking forward to an hour of expansive mind and body exploration; the Other, fearful and doubting that this session would result in anything but a long night of regret. The debate within me continued with neither side winning. i just kept thinking, whatever happens, after tonight i will know a lot more about myself than before. Finally, i turned off the debate and resolved to just sit there and enjoy the pain/pleasure associated with the spikes. It was not long before SHE returned. "Have you gotten used to the spikes," SHE inquired rather casually. "Yes MISTRESS," i replied, remaining seated on the spikes. "You can get up now and stand over here," SHE said, pointing at the carpet again. i stood there while SHE put a condom, a leather cock strap and some sort of harness on my penis. I watched HER as SHE did this and not what SHE was doing. I attempted to breathe HER scent but never really detected anything. If SHE had on any perfume it was very subtle. SHE simply smelled clean. When SHE finished, SHE attached a leash to the harness and began pulling me around the room. i was told not to anticipate where SHE was going but wait for the tug on the leash. Since there were mirrors in the room, i could experience not only the feeling of my penis being stretched but also the sight of this leather clad GODDESS dragging me around the room. The whole humiliating experience was tremendously erotic for me. then dragged me into each BDSM room in the house. First, the rooms on the same floor as HER "playroom", then upstairs. This time up the stairs, SHE walked immediately ahead of me. Right there, in my face was HER MOST BEAUTIFUL ASS. Looking at the back of the leather bathing suit, most of HER upper thighs were exposed, covered only by fish net stockings, the holes in which were a least a half-inch wide. As SHE slowly climbed each step, one foot after the other, HER weight would shift slightly and the muscles in HER LEGS would cause HER ASS sway from side to side. i was hypnotized by the precision of it all. HER GORGEOUS ASS was moving to an irresistible sexual beat; like an expensive metronome ticking in a deliberate rhythm. It was all i could do not to kiss that perfect piece of human machinery right then and there. the time we got to the top of the stairs, my penis was hard as a rock. This too did not go unnoticed by HER. We had not discussed anything about my affectation for women's asses. The fact that HER ASS had such an effect on me got a telling reaction from HER. SHE laughed a diabolical laugh that cannot be described by me in words but can only be heard to be fully comprehended. i would hear that laugh often this night. i then realized that SHE had me walk up the stairs before HER earlier so that SHE could now, deliberately and calculatingly, walk up the stairs ah! ead of me the first time with my penis in HER CONTROL. The laugh informed me that SHE knew SHE had found an additional button of mine, unique to her body, that SHE could use to control and manipulate me and there would be more buttons revealed to HER later on. i was now certain of one thing. i had finally met a MISTRESS ready, willing and eager to take me where i needed to go. Taking me through each room and explaining to me the equipment and its uses, SHE took me back downstairs into HER playroom. SHE ordered me to stand against a wall with my hands up on the wall and my feet spread apart. SHE then initiated me into the ceremony or ritual we would repeat throughout the evening with each new implement of torture. SHE would show me the whip or instrument SHE was about to use, and, while telling me a little about it, would allow me to look at it, smell it, and sometimes kiss or lick it. Only after the ritual was completed would SHE would get behind me and begin whipping me. Before, in my other sessions, all torture, outside of nipples and C&BT, had focused exclusively on my ass cheeks. With THIS MISTRESS, no area of my body was off limits. SHE attacked my back, my neck, my legs and my ass. No part was neglected. using several different small whips on me [which were obviously arousing me], SHE came up behind me and placed HER CROTCH on my ass and told me that i needed a butt plug up my ass in order to properly prepare HER pussy for later. When i said "Yes MISTRESS," SHE grabbed the leash and back upstairs we went (with a bit more speed, i hasten to add) to the Medical Room. For those who have never been there, this room in HER HOUSE looks like, smells like and, probably could be used as, a hospital room. There is a hospital bed, examination tables, medical drawers. Just about everything you can imagine in a hospital room (and some things you could never imagine in a hospital room) is there. in the Medical Room i was ordered to lean over the hospital bed. SHE took a brand new butt plug out of a package and showed it to me. It was thinner but longer than what i was used to. SHE put a condom on it and shoved it (rather gently, thank you MISTRESS) up my asshole. SHE then tied rope around it, securing it so it would not escape (with or without my help). was then taken to the dungeon or interrogation room. i was placed in wooden stocks that secured my head and hands. my feet were tied to the sides of the stocks. SHE then went behind me and our now familiar ritual began anew. SHE showed me a small whip and allowed me to smell it and kiss it. SHE then proceeded to beat me with it, harder than downstairs. SHE soon stopped and picked up a crop and showed it to me. Again, SHE allowed me to look at it, smell it and kiss it while SHE explained to me what it would do. SHE then proceeded to crop me with some ferocity and I reacted by speeding up my breathing and getting even more excited. Suddenly SHE stopped and left for a few seconds. SHE came back with a box that SHE opened on the floor in front of me. SHE then took off my cock and ball harness and tied it anew with rope. Reaching into the box, SHE removed two electronic devices and held them up for my inspection. One was a miniature shocking collar, which, SHE explained with sadistic glee, is used for shocking dogs. SHE then attached the shocker device to my testicles. The other part of the device was held up for me to see. "It goes from 1 to 10," SHE explained, pushing a button on the remote control. A shock went through my balls that made me jump. Again the diabolic laugh. "I knew I would find something that made you jump," SHE said. "It has a range of over a mile. I could leave you here, go downstairs and shock you whenever I want. You would never know when it was coming." twisted the dial and shoved the button down again watching carefully for my reaction. My eyes were glued to the device. i have been around hunting dogs all my life and knew what those devices were capable of at full strength. pushed the remote several times in a row, each time turning the dial, increasing the inte! nsity of the shock until finally, for the first time in the session, i used the safe words, "Thank you, MISTRESS." "Your welcome," SHE said, standing up and showing me her Sandra Bullock smile. Then SHE told me to open my mouth and, as i complied, SHE inserted the remote control device in my mouth. "You had better not drop that," SHE warned. i knew i would not. "Now, if you don't do what I want, I will turn the dial all the way up and hold down on the button until the battery runs out, do you understand?" SHE whispered in my ear. SHE turned my face to hers and focused that powerful gaze on me, peering intently into my eyes. i vigorously shook my head yes as i feared that i could not open my mouth without dropping the remote. i am certain SHE was aware of and feeding off all my fears. SHE stared at me until SHE was convinced that i knew SHE would do what SHE said if i displeased HER in any way. "Good boy," SHE said with a soft tone in her voice as SHE twisted my nipples and checked my state of arousal. SHE then went behind me and returned with a leather paddle. SHE showed it to me and shoved it in my face. "Smell it" SHE said somewhat louder than before. i smelled it. SHE took the remote out of my mouth and held it. "Kiss the paddle, it is leather, you love leather, kiss it, lick it" HER VOICE seducing me, urging me deeper into HER GAME. i kissed and licked the paddle like it was the sweetest pussy in the world. Abruptly SHE took the paddle away, put the remote back in my mouth and went behind m! e. "Slave," SHE said in a strong voice, "I have a feeling about you, an intuition. I believe you can take fifty hard strokes of this paddle." FIFTY STROKES the Other screamed at me. Is SHE crazy. But, i thought, in the fourth grade i was paddled twenty times and never made a sound. And i was supposed to be whipped twenty times more because my mother would always match, stroke for stroke, whatever i got from a teacher. But that time she didn't do it. Yes, commented the Other, but only because your ass was so red that she was afraid she might permanently hurt you. briefly reviewed my situation. The manner in which THIS MISTRESS used my newly discovered fear was causing me great anxiety. But SHE is THE MISTRESS and i still trust her. Besides, i have the safe words. Any time HER GAME goes to far, i can stop it by using the safe words. "Slave," SHE continued, "I am going to hit you with this paddle and I am going to count the strokes. As I count each stroke you will say 'thank you MISTRESS'. If at any time you mess this up, I will start over. Do you understand?" I was not allowed a response. SMACK! "ONE" "thank you MISTRESS," I slurred the phrase as I could not open my mouth without dropping the remote. WAIT A MINUTE HERE, the Other pops up. SMACK! "thank you MISTRESS" I interrupt. "You say thank you MISTRESS AFTER I count slave," SHE sternly admonished. Thank you MISTRESS is your safe word, the Other points out. You are saying your safe word after every stroke so, guess what, you have no safe word. "We will start again," SHE said. SMACK! "ONE" "thank you MISTRESS." The debate is ended; I have to concentrate. SMACK! "TWO" "thank you MISTRESS." SMACK! "THREE" "thank you MISTRESS." * * * * * * SMACK! "FORTY-NINE" "thank you MISTRESS." SMACK! "FIFTY" "thank you MISTRESS." h! ad ridden the crest of the exquisite pain with each individual slap, delivered alternately and precisely on the same spot on each buttock, but i was not prepared for the sensory finale. As i relaxed my buttocks and let out a breath, i simultaneously experienced two separate but conjoined feelings. i felt the heat emanating from the bottom of my ass cheeks and i also felt a deep bruising muscle pain in both cheeks. "Good boy" SHE cooed to me as SHE began twisting my nipples and pinching them between her nails. SHE kept this up for what seemed like several minutes, closely observing the pained expression on my face. Then SHE took two nipple clamps that were shaped like metal tongs and locked them onto my erect nipples. Finally, SHE pulled the remote from my mouth. "I think we are finished here. Let me get you out of these stocks and take you back downstairs," SHE said in that seductively commanding VOICE. "Yes, MISTRESS" was my weak response. "I don't think I need to put the leash on you again, do I?" SHE mockingly asked. "All I need now to control you is this," SHE laughed as SHE shoved the remote in my face. "Yes MISTRESS" i quickly answered, praying that SHE would not shock me ever again with that horrible device. SHE removed me from the stocks and i followed her back down the stairs. i must have been a laughable site trying to walk down stairs with the shocker still tied around my testicles and two long nipple clamps hanging from my breasts. When i arrived at HER playroom SHE ordered me to step up on a stage or platform that was twelve to eighteen inches above the floor. There SHE put two leather cuffs on my wrists and hooked both hands to the top of a wooden post supported by a four piece wooden base. SHE then made me spread out my feet and SHE tied them with rope to the east/west bases of the pole. In that position my body formed the inside lines of an isosceles triangle with my hands at the upper angle and each foot at the base. Once i was securely bound, SHE removed the shocker device but left the nipple clamps in place. Then SHE brought out an electronic device with a glass tube connected to a handle with a cord. Once SHE plugged it in, an eerie blue light appeared inside the tu! be and the whole device made a humming sound. "I have had this particular wand a long time," SHE reminisced, with some affection in her voice. SHE patiently explained to me what the device was and then, with that same malevolent grin, placed the device close to my testicles. It made a sort of buzzing sound and i felt a shock in that area; not as bad as the dog shocker but similar. SHE laughed again. The initial shock so startled me that i involuntarily went up on my toes. When i came back down on my heels i apparently did so with such force that the nipple clamp on my right nipple came loose and fell to the floor, narrowly missing my right foot. "i am sorry MISTRESS----," i began. "No, No that is quite all right," SHE reassured me. "Are you hurt? Did that clamp fall on your foot?" SHE asked with genuine concern, setting aside HER implement of torture.. "No MISTRESS, i am fine," i assured HER. "Well, all right then," SHE said as SHE picked the device back up and plugged it in again. For a few brief seconds I marveled at the seeming contradictions of this beautiful woman who was introducing me to HER various implements of torture with sadistic passion and pride but, when the clamp nearly hit me unexpectedly, was sincere in her concern for my wellbeing. the electric wand was warmed up and SHE was shocking me all over. As with everything else so far (except the dog shocker) i soon got used to it. The only areas it always caused pain were on my still burning ass cheeks and my tortured nipples. Once SHE grabbed the wand with one hand and used her finger to set off the spark on my erect nipples. i found this most erotic, watching the torturing current come out of her lovely fingers. SHE must have sensed this. "I am the conductor," THE VOICE stated "and I am in control". "Yes MISTRESS." Abruptly, SHE unplugged it. "I have a new one" SHE said. SHE pulled it out and plugged it in. SHE zapped me with that one but there was little pain associated with it. ! "Not the same, is it," SHE said with some resignation. "No MISTRESS," i replied. "Sometimes the older things are, the better they are," SHE offered, as SHE put the new version back in its box. i did not respond but fondly hoped that SHE was talking about more than electric wands. "Well slave," SHE started, pausing briefly before SHE continued, "I am going to do something with you that I have not done with any first time slave before. I am going to introduce you tonight to some of my more severe whips. I want you to remember the safe words slave. Will you do that?" "Yes MISTRESS, i will remember the safe words," i replied with little expectation. "Very well, let's begin," SHE said. ceremonial ritual tracked its now familiar pattern. SHE showed me each whip and explained it's use, this time adding the unique kind of pain each inflicted. i would look at them, smell them, kiss them and anything else SHE requested i do with them.. Although this portion of the session is a little fuzzy in my mind (for reasons that will become obvious) i do remember some of the whips SHE used and through which SHE subjugated me. In particular, i remember THE MISTRESS showing me HER bullwhip. i had always been fascinated with this particular agent of torture and had long desired to feel its lash. SHE patiently explained to me how the more intense pain with the bullwhip comes a second or two after the lash actually strikes flesh. SHE warned me not to move or SHE might miss and hit something SHE was not aiming at. After the first "kiss" of the tip of the bull whip and the searing pain that i felt a second or two later, it took all my mental concentration to force my body to remain motionless. This was made especially difficult as the only sound i heard was the distinctive sound the bullwhip made as it flew through the air before cracking on its target. whip SHE used on me that i distinctly remember was a buggy whip. SHE ! told me that when SHE goes to Europe SHE plays in places where slaves pull their MISTRESSES around in carts and this buggy whip is HER favorite whip to 'get them going'. i remember this well because SHE laughed as SHE shared this intimacy with me. It was not the diabolical laugh i now knew well. It was a laugh of purest pleasure and, i guessed, indicated that SHE was remembering, with some fondness, a particular incident, perhaps with a particular past slave. i remember the final whip. SHE showed me a rather plain looking single whip and we went through our ritual. The handle was less than an inch in diameter and, within it's three-foot length, it tapered down to almost nothing. At the end of the whip was a swollen rubber tip. "This is actually made of wood," SHE explained. "It has been coated with rubber and this rubber tip has been added at the end." To me it looked and felt like what i used to call a 'switch'. Where i come from a parent might cut a small limb fro! m a tree and use that "switch" on a child's legs. As a child, i can remember the cutting marks such switches made on my legs. "Let's see what this one does," SHE said and took a position behind me. the very first blow, I knew this was going to be different. Up until that moment, i had fought the pain. i had used my mind to force my body to rigidly withstand all the blows with tensed up energy. In all previous encounters, both with THE MISTRESS and the other MISTRESSES, i had relaxed only after the whipping was over. i had discovered that when I relaxed, if the pain was intense enough, i often felt an incredibly pleasurable but tantalizingly brief euphoric rush flow through my body while simultaneously feeling the residue of pain. It was an exquisite and wonderful sensation that i had learned to cherish. Up until this moment, in this session with THE MISTRESS, i thought that was all there was. MISTRESS started slowly, focusing on my severely abused butt cheeks. The pain! was a biting, cutting pain and my body was giving up. For the first few blows, i desperately tried to maintain rigid control of my body with my mind. It was useless. Finally, my mind gave into my body and both were relaxed and open simultaneously. As the blows were raining down i was about to say the safe words when IT happened. The same euphoric rush was there while the pain was ongoing. Each blow was extending BOTH sensations. "Hold onto the pole," THE MISTRESS ordered. i held onto the pole while my mind and body remained totally relaxed and open to the experience. The whipping became frenzied. As I shut my eyes and created a mental picture of THE MISTRESS whipping me it all turned SEXUAL. IT began with a tingling feeling through every inch of my body. my mind was inside the intense pain and i began breathing hard. my pulse started racing and i was building to a different type of orgasm. Abruptly SHE stopped. walked to within inches of me and i could sense HER SEXUAL excitement. SHE was breathing hard. SHE spoke to me in a low but excited voice urging me that if i ever travel to Europe there was a place in Prague that i had to go to. SHE told me that they lock slaves up for twenty-four hours and various MISTRESSES come in and whip them into submission. i was so overwhelmed by this new sensation that i could not speak but as i turned to HER i thought,' i couldn't last twenty-four hours on the edge like this'. Something unexplainable and very extraordinary happened next. As i looked at HER, i could sense that SHE was inside my mind, with me, reading those very thoughts, almost like-----telepathy. "Trust me. You would love it," SHE assured me. SHE got behind me and started again. This time i gave in to the experience immediately. Soon, THE MISTRESS had me back on the ecstatic edge of what must be the masochist's pain/pleasure Nirvana. Just when i felt that all these sensations were about to explode out of my body through my penis, SHE stopped. "I know you did not use the safe words but you know why I stopped, don't you" THE VOICE teased. I knew. "Yes MISTRESS," I breathlessly answered. "When you have calmed down, I want you to say 'i want to be your slut, Mistress'." i took a few deep breaths and forced my mind to take back the control of my body. This took a few seconds at least. "i want to be YOUR slut MISTRESS," I said, realizing i had never been more honest or sincere with HER or any other MISTRESS in my brief exposure to this whole scene. "Very good," SHE praised me. SHE released me from the bondage of the pole and helped me down off the platform. SHE then told me to retrieve a box like object from a corner of the room and set it on the carpet. i complied. It looked like an old-fashioned shoebox attached to a wooden board with a curved top with which to secure someone's head. SHE ordered me to bend over the box and, when i had complied, SHE locked my head in place by buckling a leather strap over the back of my neck. SHE then tied my legs and penis to the box. My hands were supporting my weight in the front and my knees were supporting my weight in the back. SHE had placed a cushion under my knees and, although it might not seem like it, the position was quite comfortable. "I have got to get you more excited," SHE said, rather casually, after checking my state of arousal. slowly sauntered in front of me but with her back to me. i was staring at those perfect legs and that gorgeous ass. "You like my ass, don't you," THE VOICE was seducing me again. "i LOVE YOUR ASS MISTRESS," i quickly responded, my voice cracking with anticipation. "Well, you have been a good boy. I think you have earned the right to kiss my ass." SHE slowly squatted down so that HER ASS was in my face. i knew better than to do anything until i was told. "Go ahead, kiss my Ass." SHE coaxed me. With gentle passion, i kissed the skin between the openings in the fishnet stocking, making my lips very tiny. SHE moved HER beautiful ass from side to side, requiring me to stretch out my neck through the stocks to reach it. i kissed as much and as often as i could. "You want to lick my asshole, don't you" THE VOICE said. "Yes MISTRESS" was my muffled response. "Go ahead, Lick my asshole. Put your tongue deep in my asshole." SHE leaned back against my face and the place where the crack of HER ass would be was right over my mouth. As my tongue began exploring, i soon discovered that the leather codpiece covering HER asshole was too thick. my feverishly exploring tongue was stymied by the leather material i had most desired and, by inference at least, requested SHE wear. i could not even feel the outline of her asshole through the thick leather covering. i did everything i could with my tongue to get past this impediment but nothing worked. Meanwhile, SHE would tease a! nd torment me by pausing until my tongue was almost under the leather and then move HER ass only slightly, easily preventing my making any significant progress. This went on for a minute or two at least. Abruptly, SHE raised up and laughed [an extended diabolical laugh] while reaching behind me and checking my excitement level. "Yes, I think you are a bit more excited now, aren't you slave." Yes MISTRESS," i responded, thinking that was a real understatement. "Now you wait right here. I am going to go put my cock on. You are going to get fucked when I get back." SHE whirled around and left the room laughing. I was very excited. my penis was rock hard even in the bondage SHE had placed me. Along with the excitement was some level of fear. In our initial conversation, i had gone into great detail with THE MISTRESS concerning my previous unfulfilling and extremely painful experiences with anal play. Although in my two previous MISTRESS encounters some limited anal play was involved, as i confessed to THE MISTRESS, i had yet to be ass fucked by anyone. SHE had explained to me that SHE felt that the MISTRESSES' cocks had been too long and that had been the reason for my intense pain. SHE had assured me that SHE was going to try a smaller cock. Even though in this short period of time SHE had gained my complete trust, i was still very concerned about this part of the session. i desperately wanted to experience what it was like to be sodomized. i tried to use my fear and nervousness to maintain my level of sexual excitement. i closed my eyes and tried to imagine THE MISTRESS with a strap on. It was not working. Finally, i heard HER heels on the floor followed by the opening of the door. was unable to turn my head around enough to see HER because the stocks allowed no head movement from side to side. SHE slowly walked in front of me and squatted down. i saw her cock and was mesmerized by it. It was not constructed to resemble a man's penis. It had a much sleeker design, tapering off towards the tip with the enlarged (in circumference) portion of the cock being in the middle. SHE explained to me that HER COCKS were made for HER by a group of gay women in California. I observed that HER COCK for tonight was colored a sort of charcoal gray with red or pink colors streaked through it. i thought it was exquisite and told HER so. i noticed that the only thing covering HER womanhood was the strap on and i thought that if i could have a good experience this time, SHE would also. did not require me to kiss or suck HER COCK but stood up and began to walk behind me. i turned my head and tried to follow HER in the mirror but the buckled strap on the top of the wooden stocks still allowed no movement. SHE noticed this and again i was privileged to witness the Sandra Bullock smile. "you want to watch ME do this don't you." SHE said, as if this was something unusual. "Yes i do, MISTRESS, very much," i replied in my best begging voice. "Well, let me adjust the strap" and SHE immediately came and readjusted the strap so i could turn my head to the side and watch my violation in the mirror. then went back behind me and i saw HER put a latex glove on HER right hand. SHE then brought it up to my mouth. "Kiss it." SHE demanded. i kissed it but felt no real sensation one way or the other. It certainly did not trigger in me the same reaction that leather did. "Tongue it," SHE ordered. As i began to tongue it i could feel the outline of her hand underneath the glove and i began tracing the tiny cracks and crevices in her hand with my tongue. "I know you said you like LEATHER MISTRESSES but next time I think you might want to worship me in latex." THE VOICE cajoled. The light bulb went on in my silly head. "Ohhhh yesssssss MISTRESS," i ardently replied, my mind reeling from the limited possibilities i could imagine that would make my frustrating ass kissing scene earlier a far more pleasurable experience. What additional unimagined perversions could THIS MISTRESS, clad in latex, bring out of me, i wondered. i began to lick and kiss the hand like it was a latex covered pussy. SHE allowed my excitement to build to where SHE wanted, then, abruptly, SHE took the hand away and laughed the most diabolical laugh of the night. Then went behind me and placed a condom on her cock. After removing the butt plug, SHE began lubricating my asshole with the statement "You can never have too much lubrication slave." "Yes MISTRESS," i said while HER latex covered fingers sensually probed my anus. Finally, SHE and i were ready for THE ACT. SHE gradually inserted HER COCK and my asshole (HER pussy) swallowed it. SHE gently probed all the way in and i was not experiencing any pain whatsoever. SHE frequently questioned me about it as SHE slowly went in and out and i responded each time, "No pain at all MISTRESS". "If you feel that pain again, remember the safe words and I will stop immediately. Do you understand slave?" "Yes MISTRESS." i said, taking all this in through the mirror. HER demeanor and attitude took a 180-degree turn. "You are going to get fucked now," SHE stated with some passion in HER VOICE as HER COCK began ravaging my asshole. "Never been fucked before, Huh" "That's right, MISTRESS," i replied, my own passion building. "Well it is payback time. This is from all the women you fucked during your life. Now you are going to know how it feels," SHE almost spat out at me. , it felt fantastic. In spite of my bondage, i found HER rhythm and began moving my ass backward to meet HER thrusts. This movement would cause the rope around my penis to alternatively loosen and tighten. Soon i found myself involuntarily whimpering like a bitch dog in heat as i built up to my oncoming orgasm. SHE was aware of this and would slow down at times or adjust her position so that HER COCK would be entering HER pussy at a different angle, keeping me close to an orgasm but never quite getting there. SHE manipulated me like an experienced male lover might tease a virgin girl who was just now discovering SHE REALLY LIKED TO FUCK. "You know," SHE said during one of the lulls, "I fuck pretty good don't I" "YESSSSSS, MISTRESS" "I think I was a man in another life." Even though i knew i did not have proper permission, i quickly responded "and i think i was YOUR lover." SHE laughed and began the buildup again. the action lasted for quite a while, it was over much too soon. "i am going to come inside you," SHE announced, as SHE made three or four deep circular thrusts followed by one lunge, planting the tip of HER cock as far inside me as it's length would allow it to go. i clamped my ass muscles down on her cock as hard as i could and SHE paused for a few seconds. Then, SHE pulled almost all the way out and made one final thrust and i again clamped down on HER COCK. As SHE pulled HER cock completely out of HER pussy, i collapsed on the shoebox from the sheer excitement and exertion of this glorious consummation. "You can believe this or not," SHE said, "but i had almost as much fun as you did." "Yes MISTRESS" was all i said while my thoughts were, then you had to have a hell of a lot of fun MISTRESS because that is the greatest sex I have had in 20 years. SHE left the room and i rested from the ordeal, still secured to the shoebox. Soon, i heard the clicking of HER heels on the wooden floors. Perhaps it was my imagination but it seemed slower than before. i did not turn around to look and there was a pause before two thigh high leather boots were thrown down on the floor in front of me. SHE definitely had my attention now. SHE slowly sat down in HER chair and took HER heels off. i carefully watched as SHE grabbed the left boot and slowly, tantalizingly put it on HER beautiful legs. SHE went through the same excruciating procedure with the right boot. i could not take my eyes off of those boots, now fully encasing perfect legs. SHE stood in front of me and spun around so that the boots were just close enough for me to smell the leather. "Do you like my boots." THE VOICE was back. "Yes MISTRESS," i shakily replied. i was graced by the Sandra Bullock smile an additional time. "Would you like to kiss them, and lick them." THE VOICE was working its seductive magic on me once again. "OH Yes, MISTRESS, please let me kiss and lick your boots, please." i begged. Slowly and deliberately SHE untied me. Then, SHE sat down in HER chair with HER boots fully extended, in much the same pose as when we first talked. SHE ordered me to pick up my pillow and bring it over to HER. i then had to place the pillow on the floor and kneel down in front of HER on the pillow. Needless to say, SHE had made me position the pillow so that those boots were within inches of my face. SHE made me begin by kissing the toe of one boot. Then SHE permitted me to slowly work my way up HER boot to the knee, kissing and tonguing my way. The taste and smell of the soft leather and the knowledge that it was HER SKIN underneath was thrilling me beyond belief. SHE allowed me to repeat the ritual submission with the other boot. "Would you like to touch my boots with your fingers and hands," THE VOICE seduced. "Yessss, MISTRESS i would love to touch your boots," was my impassioned plea. "Go ahead. You've been a good boy. You've earned it." THE VOICE rewarded. i held the leather boots in my fingers, while still kissing and licking them. i could feel her muscular legs through the leather. SHE did not object to this. "You like the way the leather feels, don't you." THE VOICE reminded. "Yes MISTRESS," i meekly replied, becoming overwhelmed by my fetish. "Hug the leather. Embrace it. Feel the leather with your whole body. Taste it, Smell it," THE VOICE demanded and i ceded to HER control over my will. i hugged HER booted calves passionately, while kissing and licking the upper part of HER boots. As i gave in to the sensations, i abandoned any pretense of restraint. i felt like a wild male animal temporarily allowed free reign but always subject to HER tight control. the height of my frenzy, as my head became positioned between HER THIGHS, the leather clad knees and lower thighs began to close on my face, ever so SLOWLY. Suddenly, i no longer felt like a wild animal. At that moment, i felt like an insignificant insect, who, lured by the sweet, intoxicating scent of the Venus fly trap, is forced to watch its own entrapment as the plant slowly closes on the bug. The thought of escape flashed through my mind but was quickly followed by an irresistible desire to be trapped forever. Soon it was too late to escape and i resigned myself to my fate. i placed my nose and mouth deep in the material of the chair, allowing the booted legs to close on the sides of my head. Just as my ears were about to be covered up, i heard the diabolical laugh for the final time that night. HER STRONG LEGS squeezed my head and held me prisoner in my fetish for a few seconds and then released me. "That's it. The Session is over, "said MISTRESS IRENE BOSS, rather matter of fact. "There is a bathroom upstairs where you can clean up," SHE said as SHE turned and left. Later we talked, some about the session, some about how we both got to where we are with our mutual likes and dislikes. I left with a genuine affection for her as a fellow human being. i also left with an unquenchable thirst and hunger for HER as THE MISTRESS. I got back to my hotel I looked at the havoc SHE had wrought. There were marks on my back, my legs, my shoulders and my buttocks. The bottom half of my ass was a solid blood red color. i turned the air conditioner up and took off all my clothes. As i sat down on my bed, i could still feel the heat from my butt cheeks as it was absorbed into the bed sheet. my nipples were erect from the cold and my slightest touch would result in the most delicious pain. got up and walked to the storage cabinet and broke the seal. i pulled out the three small bottles of scotch and poured them into a glass. i sat back down on the bed and reveled in all aspects of the pain i was experiencing as i slowly sipped the drink; with each sip toasting this wonderfully perverse practitioner of FEMALE DOMINATION that had patiently directed me in my continuing exploration of my bizarre desires. An hour later, when I finally finished the scotch and the toasts, I went to sleep. i woke up in the middle of the night with the painful reminders of my intensely pleasurable experience. i shut my eyes and created HER IMAGE in my mind and masturbated with HER standing in front of me, releasing my cum on HER lovely boots and lapping it up afterwards. i then fell back asleep. Four days later, I still carried the reminders of that glorious night. My back and butt cheeks were still sore when I sat down. My nipples were still sensitive to the touch. I am writing this more than 2 weeks after the fateful night and I can still see traces of bruises on my ass cheeks when I look in the mirror. As i write and remember, i am planning my way back to THE MISTRESS. i will see you soon, if you will have me. i express my heartfelt gratitude to THE MISTRESS in the only way a slave is allowed. THANK YOU MISTRESS.

By slave 123

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