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Stories - Crushing/Trampling/Giantess

tiny little man
(submitted by: MsKittyBlack [website])
(written by: MsKittyBlack [email])

a little fantasy for a little man

I would pick you up, holding you by My thumb and forefinger, looking at you like you are some little pest.
I would laugh at your smallness...the rumble of my hearty, honest laugh starting in My belly and you can feel it in your toes, moving up shaking your entire body. My hot breath and sound of My laughter makes you twist and turn, like a pitiful, withery little leaf hanging onto his tree on the very last day of autumn.

I put you in the palm of My other hand. "Would you like a little kiss, you withered little leaf? How bout a 'blow job?!?" Ha Ha Ha and with a deep breath, I blow you away, literally and you fly through the air and land with tiny cloud of dust on the sofa.

You shake your head and try to figure out where you have landed. Once you have your bearings you try to run along the sofa, hoping to shimmy down the leg undetected.

But I have seen you. I laugh again as I watch you struggle to your feet and try to run on My fluffy sofa. It is amusing and frustrating. Like being a child in a "moonwalk": attempting to keep your balance and failing miserably.

Before you get very far, I pin you to the couch with My long fingernail. I peer down on you, to get a closer look at your tiny flushed face, looking so rankled.

I pick you up and bring you over to My computer desk. "Write Me a love note," I command. A note that tells Me all that you feel, all that you wish-to die under The weight of My giant foot.

The perplexed look on your face amuses Me even more. I can see the little wheels turning in your head. "Just how am I supposed to accomplish this task?" you are wondering.

"Dance! On the keyboard," I say.

"It is all set up. All you have to do is think and type..." The little leg span you have is only about three keys wide, but you are not daunted by the task at hand. In fact, I see a look of determination; resolving to win My attention with the magnificent completion of your chore.

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Gabriel Nathan Ross

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This has been a dream of mine for many years. I am 56, retired and living in Berkeley California. to be a real slave is a life long dream of mine. A real slave. Gabe

Comment on all
Fantastic story. Would love to see a little man being crushed underfoot by Ms Kitty Black.

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