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Stories - a slaves Rendition

(submitted by: Mistress Tara Indiana [website])
(written by: Mistress Lolita [email])

Severe rope bondage, heavy CBT, penis humiliation, smothering, leather fetish, boot worship, cigarette torture, smoking fetish, human ashtray

Slave teeny weeny had heard terrifying stories of the cruel torture of the infamous Mistress Tara Indiana, Head Mistress of the Den of Iniquity in all of the dungeons he had visited in New York City. So when he arrived at Her golden doorstep, his whole pathetic body shook with a mighty fear. The dungeon he entered was lined in gold leaf and contained the most horrifying sexual torture devices he had ever laid his unworthy eyes upon!
"Um," Slave teeny weeny stuttered as he entered the huge, dimly lit dungeon, "Maybe I made a mistake...." Just as slave teeny weeny turned to run in fear, his teeny weeny tucked between his legs, She entered through a secret panel in the golden wall.
"Mmmmmm," Mistress Tara purred as her long nails caught the tender flesh of slave teeny weeny's back, "I love to chase down my meals before I devour them."

Slave teeny weeny turned around slowly, he could hardly move he was in such mortal terror. When he lifted his eyes, he beheld the most stunning Goddess he had ever had the privilege of worshipping. Mistress Tara was clad in one of her most wicked and enticing outfits and glowed as she stood before slave teeny weeny like Aphrodite. Her dark red tresses were held by a 24 karat gold hair pin revealing her milky white skin and lush red lips. Her large, supple breasts stood erect and bared through her dark vinyl catsuit. Her boots, though, were by far the highlight of her garb, knee-high vinyl with 6 inch, long spiked, stiletto heels that looked as though they would pierce poor slave teeny weeny's heart in his puny chest.
Immediately slave teeny weeny fell to his knees to worship the golden Goddess that stood before him.

"Relax, you are in expert hands." Mistress Tara cooed at slave teeny weeny as she inspected his flesh carefully and gracefully lit a cigarette. Tara took a few long puffs on her slender cigarette and exhaled each one slowly as she looked over her newly acquired property. "I need an ash tray, slave." Mistress Tara pouted her lush, red lips as slave teeny weeny leaned his head back to accept Tara's ashes in his mouth.
"Thank you, Goddess." slave teeny weeny moaned as Tara's hot ash fell on his tongue and he swallowed it down as though it were sweet nectar.

"Now, slave, I am going to have to test your ability to please me. Get your pathetic ass up on my bondage bed!" Mistress Tara bellowed at slave teeny weeny as he shook in terror at her powerful voice.
"Yes Mistress!" slave teeny weeny yelped in terror as he leaped up onto the bed and laid down on his back, waiting for Mistress Tara to perform her twisted torture on his teeny weeny peeny.
Mistress Tara put slave teeny weeny in the tightest rope bondage he had ever had the privilege of being in. She tied his cock so tight, it almost swelled to a respectable size. Almost. She then suspended his legs above his body and prepared him for the real torture of his first training session with her...The infamous and horrible Toe Torture of Tara Indiana!

"I am unworthy even to lick your boots, Madame." Slave teeny weeny lowered his head as the sight of the malevolent Mistress Tara was too much for his unworthy eyes.
Mistress Tara caressed slave teeny weeny's face lovingly before slapping him hard across his cheek.
"This is my dungeon slave. The walls are lined with gold and it contains the finest fetish and torture equipment. Mostly importantly, my dungeon is a place where women are superior to little crawling insects like yourself. You must follow the rules of proper etiquette for a slave and not speak unless spoken to. Do you understand, little boy?" Mistress Tara hissed seductively at slave teeny weeny as she slid the long spiked heel of her stiletto boot across his bulging crotch.

"Mmmm, is your curiosity growing, young man?" Mistress Tara reached down, seductively and unbuckled slave teeny weeny's belt with a snap.
Slave teeny weeny felt his cock swell under his pants at the overwhelming touch of Mistress Tara's superbly manicured hands.

"Stand up and remove your clothes, slave. I want to inspect my new property." Mistress Tara purred her order at slave teeny weeny who immediately dropped his clothes, eager to be stripped nude in the overwhelmingly sexual presence of Mistress Tara. Slave teeny weeny was so filled with excitement that his whole body shook. "Now slave," Tara said as she paused holding a serrated clothes pin inches away from slave teeny weeny's tender tootsies. "Prepare yourself for ultimate torment! I'm going to really break you in to my service!" The clothes pins bit into the tender flesh of slave teeny weeny's toes as Mistress Tara relentlessly applied them to all twenty of his tender pads. Slave teeny weeny moaned in ecstasy as the pain ran through his whole body and caused the blood to pulse into his flaming hot erection. He became light headed from the pain and reallocation of blood to his bulging member and sighed deeply. It was all almost too much for him to bear.

"You have proved useful to me slave so I choose to reward you with the privilege of my luscious, tight ass smothering your sorry little face. I'll stamp you with my seal of approval. It always pleases me to play with slaves who can take severe toe torture." Tara cooed at slave teeny weeny as she positioned her curvy bottom over his face.
Slave teeny weeny moaned in supreme ecstasy at the high reward of not only having pleased Mistress Tara through accepting her wicked torture, but also having her Goddess flesh upon his face!
"Oh thank you for the privilege of your exalted bottom on my unworthy fa...." slave teeny weeny was stifled in mid sentence as Mistress Tara smothered his face under her perfect ass.
You'll have to speak up." Tara laughed maliciously as she noticed that slave teeny weeny had grown considerably the short while he had been in her service. "Hmm, not such a teeny weeny after all is it?" Slave teeny weeny could stand it no longer. As soon as he heard Tara compliment his manhood, he came in long, hot bursts. He lay there, totally spent and grateful for his Mistress's torture.

As told to Mistress Lolita by slave teeny weeny

NYC 212 229 2149
LA 323 465 8900

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