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Stories - a slaves Rendition

review 25 Nov 03
(submitted by: Mistress Madeleine [website])

Slave Steve arrived while I was attending to another slave, so I hauled him upstairs and secured him next door before I resumed the thrashing of my first victim.

Wow, what an afternoon!!

To arrive at your chambers after the trip up from Dorset, to meet such an exquisite Mistress as yourself, whose pictures on her website do not do justice to, was in itself an amazing experience, but then to have the session as recalled below, blew my mind, and has prompted this reply.

To be told to undress by your bed, then be hooded, ankles cuffed together, hands strapped to thighs and cock and balls tied tightly and out of reach as I was totally immobilised by your bondage, as I laid on the bed, was worth a session in itself. But then to hear the muffled groans of another slave next door, just sent my pulse racing and my body sweating, hopefully it would be my turn soon, I thought. What a sensation it was to hear you controlling and punishing another slave whilst I was totally helpless next door.

To have my nipples teased by your fingers and my body touched by your hands and spiked wheel, sent me into spasms that were just exhilarating, not knowing when you were going to enter the room just heightened the pleasure and pain when it arrived. I was even granted the chance to clean the heels of your boots, thank you Mistress.

To be released from bondage on the bed, thank you Mistress, was at first a disappointment, but that soon changed as I was led into the dungeon chamber, with hands still cuffed to thighs and hood still in place, I was full of apprehension. Then the hood and cuffs were removed and I was allowed to remove your coat, to find an exquisitely toned body, dressed in black leather, stockings and boots, what I would have requested if I could have, even knowing that my requests are not even worthy of your decisions.

After kissing the collar, which showed my devotion to you Mistress, I was fastened to your cross and having nipple clamps attached to my very sensitive nipples and the extra teasing administered by the clever use of a vibrator, while you inspected your new slave, I only hope you liked what you had in front of you!

I then moved the whipping stool to the position you required, and took my position on it, I was allowed to kiss your thighs, thank you Mistress, and then you used various CP equipment including a cat-o-nine tails J, paddle both soft and hard and riding crop. I was so grateful you allowed me to count each stroke up to 12, with each implement. On this occasion after my virgin bottom was warm, and remained warm for most of the trip home, you chose not to explore it any further, but hopefully this may happen if you grant me another chance to worship you.

After being released from this stool, thank you Mistress, I moved it back to where it came from, and was told to lie on the floor, face up. With my hands cuffed above me you made my balls so hot that I nearly had to say ‘yellow’, but knew this would have disappointed you so I didn't, even though the heat was extreme.

To be then pleasured by your hand and punished by the very hot candle wax to both, by now, very sensitive areas and have it beaten off, was something that I had not experienced before but am looking forward to having done again.

The session ended, all too soon, when I was allowed to be a filthy beast whilst you stood, domineering above me, allowing me to view your fantastic body from where I belong, having me lick and kiss your boots after they dug into my nipples and balls again. I was then made to clean up my mess and kiss your boots and thank you for your time. The collar, which showed my devotion to you was then removed, thank you Mistress, and I kissed it and was now free to go, until next time.

In summing up, although it had been a couple of years since my last visit to a dominatrix, I have never experienced such a fantastic session and will hopefully be granted another chance to worship you further in the New Year (March maybe?), when, may I be feminised and my virgin bottom explored? I can only hope that you were happy with the performance of your new slave and are able to grant me another chance to worship you.

slave steve.

Ps. I hope you had a good birthday, and may I wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

Some like it hot, And I like to scorch.

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