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Stories - Science Fiction


Suspended as he was, with his hands stretched over his head, Terry could not see the cold fury behind Jessica's eyes.

"Hit me, you stupid bitch!"

"What did you say?"

"I said hit me! You can hit harder than that! What's the problem, you
weak or something?"

Suspended as he was, with his hands stretched over his head, Terry could
not see the cold fury behind Jessica's eyes. But he heard her cane
slicing through the air, and he most definitely felt the crisp, decisive
blow she placed in the midst of the thick red welts already rising in
stripes across his buttocks.


"Cunt! Stupid, weak little cunt!"


"Harder, Jessica! What's your fucking problem?"


"You're making me laugh. You want me to show you how it's done?"
Terry's words were breezy, confident, but his voice was tight.

Jessica stepped back to reassess the situation. She certainly knew
Terry was in pain. Experience told her that. But somehow he seemed
able to override his discomfort. In the past, she had encountered some
individuals who possessed incredibly high pain thresholds, but she
sensed this wasn't the case with Terry. Something else was at work
here, reinforcing his defiant spirit. But that didn't mean he couldn't
be broken.

"You'll break all right," she muttered.

Though her arm was aching, Jessica stepped in again and landed a series
of quick blows. The suddenness of it caught Terry unprepared.

"Jeezus, Jessica," Adele commented softly. "He's bleeding."

"Do you think I can't see that?" Jessica snapped. "Now mind your place!"

She raised her arm and hit him again, purposefully aiming for the places
where the skin was already broken. Never before had she seen a neophyte
stand up to a beating such as this. It was beginning to make her
reconsider her assessment of Terry's pain threshold. She raised her arm
once more.

"That is not the way..."


" speak to your mistress."


"Do I make myself clear?"

"Unhhh," Terry groaned.

"I said, do I make myself clear?" Jessica touched the cane lightly to
his flesh, saw him flinch at the soft touch. She smiled.


"Yes," Terry gasped.

"Yes MISTRESS, you mean."

Terry didn't say anything for a full ten seconds. Jessica flicked the
cane lightly upward between his legs, rapping it against his testicles.

"Yes, mistress!" Terry barked, obliging Jessica for the first time.
His head drooped low. Terry was reeling from the pain. No longer could
he differentiate between different areas of his back, buttocks, or the
backs of his legs - everything was a mass of searing red flame. He had
never felt anything like this before: pain willingly endured was a
concept utterly foreign to him.

Why am I allowing this? he asked himself, and in an instant the answer
rose up from the center of the flames and presented its ugly face.

No more, and no less than what you deserve, he told himself.

In the midst of his agony, Terry wondered if this was how Sally Winston
had felt as the alien driver bots attempted to "encourage" her back to
work two days earlier. Then he decided that what Sally had experienced
was much, much worse. The bots were simple machines, devoid of any
sense of mercy or comapssion.

In spite of his desire to continue to resist Jessica's "behavior
correction," Terry began sobbing. His shoulders heaved as the tears
welled up from deep inside - but he could not say who the tears were for.

That's much better, Jessica though to herself.

In the past, Jessica had seen men reduced to tears after a much lighter
caning. In fact, most men never made it to the point where they
actually lost themselves to the pain. But Jessica believed this was
essential to establishing a proper master-slave relationship.

Now that the first hurdle was overcome, Terry would soon be hers to

"All right, that's enough," she called out authoritatively. "Now that
we've established the importance of showing due respect, I think it's
time we take a break. Sly, lower Terry's handcuffs to shoulder-height."

Terry's service-bot, Sly, caused the chain to descend immediately.
Terry slumped, grabbed the chain with his hands, and leaned forward with
his head resting against his forearms.

Jessica wasn't about to let Terry have more than a moment to rest,
concerned that he might recover the thing that was feeding his
mysterious defiance. It was a respite between beatings, nothing more.

She rested her cane lightly on his side. He flinched again, but she
kept the cane there - the physical touch providing a measure of control.
Soon that touch would command instant obedience, providing a
psychological hold on him tighter than any leash.

"Terry, turn and face the bed, and watch what Adele is going to do for
you," Jessica purred. The tone of her voice was soothing now rather
than commanding, but at the same time she poked Terry with the tip of
her cane, turning him to the desired position. "Head up," she said,
touching his chin with the cane, and lifting slightly.

"All right Adele, slip out of that leather bikini. You know what to
do." Jessica made a motion with her head.

Adele's miniscule bikini came off with a few quick tugs. For Terry's
benefit, she arrayed herself invitingly on the bed directly in front of him.

"How do you want her, Terry? Ass first? On her back? Tell her what
you want to see, and she'll show you. She's yours to command, at least
for the moment."

I command him to command, Jessica mused inwardly, only to make him obey
me without realizing it.

Terry looked on impassively, and said nothing.

Jessica's eyes closed to slits, and she stifled a hiss of growing
impatience. "Okay then ... Adele, suit yourself, do as you please. But
try to make it nice for him." Her words were pleasant, but Jessica
spoke in tones that betrayed her annoyance.

Have I already pushed him too hard, she wondered, or not hard enough?

Adele responded as though she were oblivious to Jessica's plottings and
stratagems. She seemed to take delight in her own nakedness, the
expression on her face both mischievous and playful. She lay on her
back, placed some pillows behind her head, and spread her legs open
wide. She smiled at Terry, tugged on her nipples until they became
erect, and licked her lips suggestively.

"Come on, Terry. Adele turns you on. Admit it. Isn't she pretty?
Don't you like looking at her big tits and her nice, creamy snatch? She
shaved it smooth just for you."

Terry refused to break his silence; he merely turned his head to one side.


Jessica hit him on the shoulder, not as hard as she had beaten him
before, but hard enough to make it sting.

"Look at her, Terry! I know you want to. Obeying me doesn't have to be
so difficult."

Terry turned his gaze back to Adele.

"Now, I asked you a simple question," Jessica said, her voice returning
to a soothing purr. "Don't you like what you see? Come on, Terry.
Answer me."

"No, I don't like looking at her. I don't want her to do that."

Jessica made a 'tsk 'tsk sound.

On hearing Terry's words, Adele's face became downcast. She stopped
fondling herself.

"Adele, don't give me that petulant look, not unless you want a good
caning yourself. Now, hearken to my commands."

"Yes, mistress."

"I want you to touch yourself. Spread yourself open right in front of
Terry, and then finger-fuck your pussy. I want you to masturbate until
you cum. But do it slowly. Give him a good show."

"Yes mistress." Adele's fingers immediately began to wander down between
her legs, slipping easily into the soft folds of her vagina. With her
other hand, she reached underneath the smooth curve of her bottom to
spread open her pussy lips, giving Terry a good view of everything she
was doing to herself. She began to moan softly.

All the while Terry watched, Jessica kept her cane pressed against him,
moving it gently up and down his side. When she saw him becoming erect,
she brushed his penis with it, and instantly he sprang up, full and
hard. Then she pulled the cane back and hit him hard on the thigh.
Terry turned to look at her in surprise.

"WATCH! Look at her Terry! Did I give you permission to stop looking
at her?"

She hit him with the cane again, and Terry turned his head back once
more. In spite of the stinging sensation from Jessica's caning, and in
spite of the still intense discomfort from his earlier punishment,
Terry's cock grew increasingly rigid as he watched Adele touching
herself. He saw her middle finger making gentle circles all around her
clit, and glancing up at her face, he saw that her cheeks were flushed
pink with arousal.

At that moment, Adele looked full into his eyes with a knowing
expression on her face. Without breaking eye contact, she licked her
lips and rubbed her clit harder, until Terry's cock was throbbing almost
painfully in response to the sight before him. Now her fingers began
moving rhythmically in and out of her pink, dripping cunt. The sight of
that luscious, beautiful body writhing in pleasure now held Terry's gaze
with an invisible chain of lust.

In some distant part of his consciousness, he was dimly aware that
Jessica was hitting him again, but now those sensations felt purely
secondary to the part of him that was watching.

Adele moaned once more, her pelvis tilting upward as her finger thrusts
became deeper and more purposeful. She closed her eyes and began to
moan even louder. Soon the room became filled with this strange music,
as Adele's vocalizations of pleasure met with the sharper counterpoint
of a cane striking flesh. The harmonics of this song grew even more
peculiar as the sound rebounded against the hard slate floor with a
haunting, almost religious quality - conveying upon the three of them
the status of fanatics come to worship at the altar of sin.

Jessica, the conductor of this surreal arrangement, plied her cane
almost lovingly, with swift, artistic touches that were just the other
side of gentle - yet gradually and methodically she increased the tempo
and intensity until Terry's involuntary groans were added to the eerie
symphonics. Finally Jessica landed a blow with sufficient force to
break Terry's concentration, and immediately he began to struggle
against the restraints in an effort to break free.

"Sly, raise the chains up again," Jessica ordered.

"Don't look away from her, Terry. I warn you. I'm trying to teach you
a lesson about pleasure and pain, and only I know what's best for you
right now."

She stroked his penis with the cane once more, and Terry gritted his
teeth as his hands were lifted high above his head. Jessica ordered Sly
to stop only when Terry's toes were just barely touching the floor. All
the while, Adele's moans could be heard in the background as she brought
herself to an even higher plateau of pleasure. "Oh, oh, oh, oh!" she cried.

"Are you going to cum, Adele?" Jessica asked.

"No... no... not... not... yet," she gasped.

"Good, we're not quite ready for that. But soon, I think."

Once more Jessica plied her cane. She hit Terry on the sides, on the
shoulders, on the outside of his thighs, always changing things up so
that he didn't know where to expect it next. Jessica still wasn't
hitting him as hard as before, but just enough to raise the heat in all
the areas where she'd already abused him, and in a few new places as

Suddenly Jessica changed tactics. She came to stand beside Terry,
crouched down, and ever-so-softly she started rapping on the head of his
penis with her cane.

Rap, rap, rap, rap, rap.

Terry had returned to watching Adele. He found it increasingly
difficult not to. Even as Jessica struck the tip of his cock with
sharper and sharper blows, his eyes remained riveted on Adele's
beautiful body. Her legs were spread open wide, her back arched, and
her head was thrown back. Adele's inner thighs glistened with sweat,
and her fingers were slick with her own pussy juices. Harder and harder
she thrust into herself, first with two fingers, then with three, then

"Now Adele," Jessica whispered, "cum now!"


The sight and sound of Adele reaching orgasm caused a sympathetic
response in Terry's own loins. Heat was rising from his entire body,
with great gouts of flame bursting from the places where the cane had
actually cut into the skin. The sensation was intensely unpleasant, yet
weirdly gratifying at the same time - and all the while Jessica
continued to rap with her cane sharply against the head of his cock,
creating a burning, painful, yet simultaneously pleasurable sensation
there, too.

At that moment, Adele let loose with a loud shriek of ecstasy. Almost
in the same instant, Jessica reached out her hand and, with a few
skillful touches, she caused Terry to ejaculate. Long streamers of
milky semen spurted onto the bed, and the roaring sound of pulsing blood
filled Terry's ears.

hen, strangely, Terry was revisited by an odd memory flash of a vision
of Niagara Falls. Even as his own orgasm ran through him with a wild
shudder, the strange vision superimposed itself on the view of his room,
the bed, and Adele's naked body - an alternate reality gradually
solidifying until the room seemed to vanish behind the sunny brightness
of the tumbling waterfall. He felt himself suspended over the precipice
as billions of gallons of frothing water gushed over the edge, but this
time the water did not come crashing onto the rocks below, as it had in
that earlier vision. This time the falls cascaded away into
nothingness, into the blank void of space.

In his mind's eye, Terry could see figures flailing away helplessly in
the turbulent water. Big-headed aliens stared up at him accusingly as
they floated along downstream, wearing strange looking spacesuits
designed to contain their odd-shaped bodies. Some of the aliens had
removed their helmets, and now they attempted to make use of the small
speaking devices that were pressed up against their mouths. Terry
failed to make out what they were saying over the deafening noise of the
falls, though he strained desperately to hear their cries. At last the
aliens were swept over the edge into the roaring spray, to be dispersed
amid the countless water droplets as white vapor and foam were steadily
swallowed up by the emptiness of space.

Terry saw their small, grotesque bodies receding into the distance,
their writhing forms growing smaller and smaller, until they were
completely enveloped by darkness.
And then he saw no more.

Excerpted from Space Angels: The Mating Trials, by Rex Morgenthal

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