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Stories - a slaves Rendition

Academy For Slaves
(submitted by: Academy For Slaves [website])
(written by: [email])

A man accepts his submissive nature and decides to enroll in an academy where dominant mistresses train him to submit completely and to obey women.

Very soon a year will have passed since i first enrolled in's training program. A lot has happened since then. i am the HeadMistress's fully owned (body and soul) and trained slave now. i wake up in the morning with an only thought in mind. How to please my Mistress. i consider myself very fortunate, You/you see although She is truly unique, for me unlike other slaves, the search was not a long one. i think it was fate that through me at my Mistress's feet. i first contacted Her after passing the training on Her fabulous website. The sincerity of Her words and the way She laid out Female Supremacy for us males to understand plus Her unsurpassed beauty made it almost impossible to conceive. Her sincerity impressed me. At the beginning She asked me a few questions as part of an interview. Having no experience on how to address Her or how to handle myself when in contact with Her i must have appeared pretty dumb and awkward to Her. i do not know what She saw in me. As my contact with Her increased i understood that i would have to submit to Her, and that all rights i had as a male would have to be surrendered.

Shortly after my training began, i viewed slave training videos, and also read Her book. I must say in regards with the videos that each one has the particularity of addressing the same topic, that is Female Supremacy but from different points of view. i myself have acquired 5 videos until now and somehow She teaches something different in every single one. i try my best to sponge as much knowledge as i can from them. Her book is a must for the applicant slave and an invaluable reference for any serious Mistress/Owner. It is extremely erotic and sensuous in its context, and its narrative makes it a fun and interesting reading, depicting a world in which through Female Supremacy justice and peace prevails. When read appropriately the book will absorb You/you, drawing You/you straight into the action and will be difficult to put aside. Through continuous examples Female Supremacy in a society is debated and justified. Her brilliance is undeniable, and Her knowledge of the matter discussed complete. i honestly believe it is a great novel to read.

After a few months of training i was allowed me to take a short vacation, i went to a place where there were no post 19th Century way of communicating. i did manage to contact the HeadMistress once though. As i came back from my trip She emailed me and told me i had passed training. i of course was static! Any other Mistress, would not had allowed you to go on vacation and on your way back give you a recognition for your devotion and loyalty through a title. To top everything off She also considered owning me. How can you not fall down on your knees and worship this Woman? How can you not love Her? Not only is She beautiful, sensuous, extremely attractive, and with an intelligence quite out of the ordinary, She is also gracious, is why i serve my Mistress how and when She wants me to. If i am not able i make sure She understands that i have not forgotten or it is not on purpose. i try to stay determined and understanding. Truly above us all.

Do not get me wrong though, She is ALWAYS right. She CAN be firm. She WILL subjugate you. Her wrath can be implacable. You see it is not a question of fearing Her but rather to displease Her, and lose Her favours. This focused on what it is She wants, on remembering what it is She wants and on trying to fulfill what She wants. i serve my Mistress as best i know how, sometimes She honors me by asking my views and opinions on certain matters, i also do webwork related labour for Her and am constantly trying to find new and better ways so that She can have and achieve the life of luxury She deserves, leaving Her with more time to spread Our/our beliefs. i also follow the slave rules and obey Her very strict instructions, She controls my social life but in a positive way, for now i am not a lost and confused male trying to constantly meet beautiful Women. Now i serve the most awesome Woman in the Universe, craving and yearning to serve only Her. Which is why i climax only at Her command and only in ways that are amusing to Her. i stopped caring about my fetishes. She is my fetish now and only what pleases Her have any interest for me. i also select wines for Her when She feels like it, send Her tithes so She can enjoy dinner at a place of Her choosing and in general cater to Her every whim. Now anybody with an interest in Female Domination could say that i have touched bottom, or that this is total bliss.

Wrong! Nothing compares to when you apply and beg Her to be Her property, write your slave contract which bounds you to Her, She accepts you and then you receive your slave tag stating that you are from now on Her property. i felt the deepening of Her power and dominance over me like i had never experienced or seen before. The slave tag truly makes me feel like Her property, like Her object, animal or thing. It was sent by Her personally and it gave me a great sense of responsibility but i found out that it is also a great joy, giving me true pride, i feel the satisfaction of doing a good job and of having pleased my Mistress, wearing it at all times is a way to show my unconditional love for Her. my way of saying that i will do anything She commands me to. i walk now with a big smile in my face. It makes me feel so good i never take it off. This is why i feel i cannot thank Her enough, for i feel She has done a lot more for me. In turn there is so much i want to do for Her.

i cannot stress and highlight the importance for all men with a genuine interest in serving a true sincere and powerful Mistress, or to All/all who have a genuine interest in Female Domination or Female Supremacy to contact the HeadMistress and seek Her wisdom and guidance. You/you will find a sense of fulfillment in Your/your lives, i assure You/you.

Thank You very much, Divine One, thank You for turning me from a selfish male into a better man.

Your property and slave forever,

slave lou

Copyright 2004, All Rights Reserved.

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