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Stories - a slaves Rendition

Davids submission
(submitted by: princess Raven [website])

After being a member of my site David finaly had a meeting with his mistress.

David had been emailing me for some time, begging an audience with me. The more subbmissive a male is with me the less sympathy i show the pathetic

creature.David's particular fetish is my big black strap on,a fantasy and the reality can be a very different thing for many people.I have held audiences with many of my slaves,but must admit David after his initial setteling down was a very willing cock sucker,i must admit he was so passionate i was almost becoming aroused myself.I did ask him if he had ever tasted real dick he said no but i cant help but feel,that if he had the chance he would do so eagerly. Our little session came to an end with him making a mess and begging me for a return visit, to see me. I may very well grant him his wish soon with one addition a male friend of mine helping out. He his a silly pigboy David, he dosent know whats coming to him.

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wow princess raven is stunning i whish i was david He he

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