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Stories - a slaves Rendition

¡®Absolute beauty, the one I want to serve all my life¡¯
(submitted by: Goddess Qing [website])

A slave shown his absolute devotion to Goddess Qing, the most beautiful Asian Goddess he ever seen in years.

As luck would have it, Goddess Qing was availalble the same time that i was
to be. my first time in the country, my attraction towards the Goddess was all
too much to pass up on the opportunity. i requested the privilege of seeing
Her and She obliged.

i was told to call Her at noon the day of the session which i did. She told
me to leave the hotel room door open, be on my knees head down bowing when
She entered. i was very nervous as i have not seen too many dominatrices and
i am not into real pain. i like to worship a beautiful dominant woman but
what i see on the web with pain and suffering is something that does not
really work for me even though i admire and enjoy them. i had communicated
my wish to the Goddess and She seemed to uderstand. However, as the
countdown approached i was a nervous wreck on my knees, head bowed as
instructed and naked at this hotel with my room door open awaiting the
arrival of The Goddess Qing.

The Goddess arrived, closed the door behind to my relief, instructed me to
hold the position until told and proceeded to the bathroom to change. After
a few minutes, She came back to the room, ordered me to kiss Her boots to
formally greet Her. i did as commanded and for the first time i was allowed
to feast my eyes on Her glorious and divine beauty. i knew what The Goddess
looked like but i was not really prepared for what i saw, The Goddess Qing
in tight latex dress in flesh before me. Let me assure you that The Goddess
in person is much more beautiful than in Her pictures, something that i can
not put in words.

i was made to carry Her to the chair as a pony and allowed to feast some
more on Her beauty.i presented Her with the good luck charm necklace and
poured Her a glass of fine wine that i had brought with me. The Goddess
wanted to try strapon play with me and i could not say no as i was totally
immersed in the power of this enchanting Empress. i am really not into that
sort of play. i am a servile man that is more inclined to pampering and
worship. The Goddess picked up on it quite quickly, thank Goddess, and moved
on to something else. At this point, the Goddess poured some wine on Her
knee that swiftly trickled down to Her ankle. i was to lick the wine clean
off of Her heavenly leg. That was definitely more my thing and i quickly got
on to it. The Goddess slowly turned up Her charm and at one point i found
myself with folded hands in prayer bowing down to the Shrine in between Her
legs (without touching) in total surrender. The Goddess enjoyed my total
submission and more worship in various forms ensued.

Most of what followed is more of a sweet haze. i do certainly remember being
smothered and the honor of being allowed to lick the most Heavenly Asshole,
the one that belongs to The Goddess Qing. i certainly considered giving up
smoking at this point, if only i could have held my breath a little longer.
However the best thing ever was yet to come. The Goddess wanted to reward me
with the golden shower. i was so lost at this point, my mouth opened wide
and i did not want to waste a drop of it. i wanted to consume every single
drop and The Goddess kindly let me have it. i have never had a more
enjoyable time ever in my life than at that moment. Two weeks later, i still
radiate from that precious memory. Thank You, The most magnificent Goddess
Qing. If You so wish, You can have me as Your pee pot with a snap anytime. i
wish i had a way with words to paint accurate picture of the absolute
delight that i experienced. But then there is really no way to express such
religious experience. All i can say Goddess Qing is that i had an absolutely
fabulous time that will last a long long time. If You told me today to pack
up and report to You for a life of servitude and worship, i would happily do

With absolute worship, your slave

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