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Stories - a slaves Rendition

Mz Black Mistress takes over the world!
(submitted by: Mz Black Mistress [website])

A Fem Dom Taking over the male population. A nine chapter series.




She discovered the power when she turned 19. Mz. Black had always leaned towards dominance, but in a playful sort of way. She also had a great desire for control, even to the point of dreaming of command of the entire world. When the power showed up, she began to realize that she could make her dreams a reality.

Mz. Black always enjoyed reading and watching TV shows about superwomen such as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl. But she especially relished following the exploits of evil heroines that wielded powers that could bring men to their knees. The Batman TV series of the 60’s provided a wealth of such characters, including the Siren (played by a stunning Joan Collins wearing next to nothing) whose high-pitched singing voice put any man totally under her spell, and Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, whose love potion caused any man to fall utterly and hopelessly in love with her (and willingly wait in her cage) to the point of giving their lives to show their devotion.

While Mz. Black knew that such powers were only dreamed up in somebody’s imagination, just the thought of such powers excited her greatly. And then, when she turned 21, it happened. She went to the bank for a car loan, and was rudely told that she was unqualified. In fact, the smarmy little vice president (weren’t they all vice presidents?) practically laughed at her. It was at this point that something possessed her. She decided to come back and visit him again, this time in a tight black leather skirt with a top cut low enough for viewing. She thought this would get his attention, but something even stranger happened after he saw her femininity and when she mentally reached out to him. While in his office, with his total attention (as she expected would happen due to her overwhelming beauty), she concentrated mentally on totally dominating him in every way. In a mesmerizing and hypnotizing sort of way, she captured him totally. Within minutes he was on his knees, begging to give her as much money as she wanted, willing to be tied and caged at her pleasure, and in fact pledging his life to her! The smarmy little vice president kept saying he would serve her every need if only he could stay near her. Mz. Black gave him some instructions, and left him panting in his office, pledging his allegiance forever. When she called the next day, he was still hopelessly under her spell, and she realized that she was on to something.

This reaction was even more than Mz. Black could have expected. And she wondered if it was a one shot deal or if she could do it anytime she wanted, to anyone she wanted. Her next test came in the form of the owner of the multi-million dollar company where she worked as a secretary. She visited his office after hours in her proper attire, showing just enough femininity, to find him yelling into the telephone at some subordinate who had not followed his instructions. Mz. Black felt uneasy, as this man was powerful in the business community and extremely wealthy due to all his business dealings. He was known as a strong minded, dominant player who chewed people up and spit them out.

When he hung up, he glared at her and asked her what she wanted. While she stammered, he ordered her out of his office. It was then that she began looking deeply into his eyes and exerting her mental dominance. All of a sudden he dropped his head, and a look of great confusion came upon his face. Mz. Black’s smile was from ear to ear as she realized her charms were working again. “Don’t fight it, honey, you’re mine now,” she cooed, as a smile came to his face as he realized the stunning object of his new found affections was standing right in front of him. Within the next fifteen minutes, Mz. Black completed her refined technique and locked him up in her total and permanent control. She left him with instructions to sign over all his money, properties, stocks, bonds and companies, and left him a shriveled shell of what he once was. Mz. Black was now very wealthy, but it was not enough. Her thoughts of even greater accomplishments began as she prepared to move into her new mansion.

Mz. Black set up her domain as any true mistress would. She had her suitors’ quarters full of gilded cages for her worshippers, and placed her banker and her now penniless ex-boss in the first two where they argued about which one could serve her better. She decided that she needed to further test her powers before she moved on to bigger things. She went to the Rolls-Royce dealer to pick up a limousine and a chauffeur, but when she was ushered into the manager’s office, Mz. Black was surprised to look up and see a beautiful woman sitting across from her. She had not tried her powers on a woman before, so she tried it here. As she tried to exert her powers on this woman, the woman simply looked at her with a questioning gaze as if to say, “What do you want?” At this point, Mz. Black realized that women were immune to her entrancing spell. Alas, this could be a problem for her bigger plans, but since this was still a very much male dominated world and she had ultimate confidence in her abilities, nothing would deter her.

Mz. Black completed her tests on a gay man and a lesbian. As she now understood better, her power was based at least somewhat on sexual control, and this was confirmed by her bringing to heel the lesbian and lack of same over the homosexual. The lesbian was a beautiful woman Mz. Black had worked with in a prior life, whom Mz. Black had been attracted to but had been rejected. When she went to the office, the woman immediately began to tell Mz. Black that Mz. Black was just not her type. Before she could complete another rejection, a glazed look came into her eyes as Mz. Black bore into her with thoughts of how exciting it would be for the lesbian to become Mz. Black’s slave. As Mz. Black now had her full attention, she followed up with just the right mesmerizing suggestions. “You want to give yourself to me, totally and completely, don’t you?” and other things that planted even more reconditioned thoughts in her new worshipper’s mind. Within moments, it was over and Mz. Black had her answer about lesbians. She placed the lesbian in cage #3 as another toy for her amusement.

From here on, Mz. Black set about establishing her domain. Just for grins, she sent a few men out to play in the traffic. She continued to obtain every material thing she had ever wanted out of life. Her particular form of mental and sexual domination, now coupled with just the right hypnotic suggestions, was developing into a natural state for her. She really did not have to try very hard anymore to bring men (and lesbians) under her total control. Mz. Black continued to build her harem with the types she felt she wanted or needed to serve her every desire. Within a matter of weeks, she had a full system in place, with slaves to handle cooking, cleaning, shopping, and every other domestic need. She picked up a world famous chef for the kitchen, and every meal became a delight. She assigned the smartest of the slaves as her Grand Mogul, one who would supervise all the slaves and relieve her of the day-to-day duties of giving them their direction.

Mz. Black gave this task to a nice looking guy she had entranced at a financial firm where she had ventured to pick up a couple of million in bearer bonds. He was very sweet to her, and she wasn’t going to take him, but she found that she simply liked him and wanted him around. As he escorted her home professing his overwhelming commitment and loyalty to her, she had the idea to make him her chief slave.

When they arrived, Mz. Black stepped into the suitors’ quarters where she kept her ever growing supply of worshippers and slaves. All stood at the bars of their cages as she entered, begging to serve her, offering their lives, awaiting her slightest intention. She held up her hand for silence, and a deafening one ensued. “This is your Grand Mogul and you will obey him like you would me,” she ordered them as she introduced her new lieutenant. There was something different about him, and she decided he would not be kept in a cage, but would be free to run things as he decided. Subject to her whims, of course. This would free her up to move on to bigger and more ambitious things.

Next Chapters coming soon hopefully lol!!

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