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Stories - Abduction Fantasies

Macho boytoy
(submitted by: Mystress Kathryn [website])
(written by: Kathryn Stott [email])

What happens when a self involved man dosen't realize the power of a Woman....until it's far too late?

"You're Mine to toy with..."

With those words you become aware of the fact that you can no longer move. Leather restraints bind your wrists and your ankles. When you try to pull away, you cannot, because you are affixed to something unyielding. Why did you allow this to go so far? You were just joking about wanting to be helpless and bound...weren't you? Your view is blocked out by the fur lined blindfold.

As you turn your head from side to side, you become aware of the noises in the room surrounding you. She is there. Her breathing is faint, but audible. Even though She is not touching you, Her restraints are tangible proof that you are now truly at Her mercy. Fear creeps through your heart, but with it, a new sensation that you hadn't noticed before... Can it possibly be arousal? It seems impossible, but you realize that your cock is responding with throbbing pulses.

As your body reveals it's surrender to Her, you hear Her soft, confident laugh. She knows the turmoil in your heart, the confusing array of emotions. She has slowly, seductively used your own macho instincts to goad you into this position. She knew you'd play along if She intimated that you would be too afraid to allow Her to do this. Looking back, you remember now, how smoothly She manipulated your need to impress Her. She was in control from the beginning, and you were too proud to see that. you stand, with your back to Her cross, your wrists and ankles secured firmly in place, and you can no longer hide Her power over your body. A shaft of white hot embarassment pierces the fog you are in, followed by a helplessness so real you want to cry out.

Her hand gently caresses your throbbing member, and you almost lose control. She chides you like a small boy, telling you that your relief will not be nearly so easy, nor so soon. She teases
your senses and trails Her fingertips gently over your exposed flesh. It tickles, yet also feels deliciously sensual. A tiny kiss lands on your nipple, making it harden and begin to ache.

She misses nothing in her exploration of you. Her hand reaches down, between your legs and She
takes your balls into Her hand as if to weigh them. With a small squeeze, and nothing more, She effortlessly reminds you of your helplessness, and you suddenly realize that you want nothing more than to stay here, trapped in this moment, available for Her desires for eternity...

I wrote this for My website in order to demonstrate that I know EXACTLY how a helplessly trapped man feels under My restraints...

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I agree with the above comment hehe- sadly I dought it will ever happen.... :(

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